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Good Gourd!

Hello! I’m back with another mani for the #clairestelle8challenge and today’s theme is petrifying pumpkins. I’ve have a rough day with Baby ACD and am both stressed and exhausted, so let’s dive right into it without more yapping on this end.

On my middle to pinky fingers, I’m wearing two coats of the gorgeous Tonic Polish Toxic from the Halloween 2016 collection (an oldie, but definite goodie!). I stamped the image on the middle finger from a Maniology plate (BM-S243) and filled it in with Born Pretty orange stamping polish. The image on my ring finger, also reverse-stamped, is from Creative Shop plate-149 and was filled in using the same orange polish, two green polishes (BP-ML01 and Sally Hansen Irish Luck) and for the pine cones, BP-U01, a bronze metallic stamping polish that shifts to blue. On the pinky finger, I stamped an image from Born Pretty plate BP-L057 using the same Sally Hansen green polish. I then made some spots over it using a small dotting tool.

My index finger and thumb were a disappointment. I wanted some texture and was going to use one of my Zoya pixie dust texture polishes, but at the last minute, I opted for an orange texture polish by China Glaze called Toe-tally Textured. I am very, very disappointed in this polish. The texture was barely visible, appearing more as a blotchy application than true bumps. Eventually, I ended up smoothing it out entirely with a layer of top coat, but wished I had gone with my bright orange pixie dust instead so I would have had some sparkle as well as real texture. I then used an old nail vinyl by Maniology and AEngland Natasha’s Dance to make the Jack-o’-lantern on my index finger. I like these colours together, but I put so much effort into this mani, I felt very let down by the CG polish.

Another big disappointment came in the application of top coat. I decided to be extra-careful and to prevent any of the stamping being smudged, I used a no-smudge water-based top coat from Born Pretty. I guess I didn’t let it dry long enough before topping it with my Tonic top coat, but as I started application, it started pulling up the no-smudge top coat and made it cloudy in places. Overall, it was a day of expectations falling short but I do love where I was going with this mani.

I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to do the last two prompts of this challenge, but attempts will be made. It feels like one obstacle after another with Baby – sleep regressions, behavioral challenges, sickness, you name it. I feel like we haven’t had three goods days back to back in these two years. But, difficult as all this is, I keep reminding myself that it must be so much more difficult for baby, who is actually going through the teething pains, the steep learning curve in life, the language explosion and subsequent overstimulation, and all the other problems of being a tiny human in a big, big world. Send some good vibes our way and we’ll see you on the other side of this current regression!

I have a magnetic mani for the #magneticmagicnails collaboration coming up next, in a day or two. Until then, keep spooky and I’ll leave you with a shot of our front lawn.

10 thoughts on “Good Gourd!

  1. This is stunning! I am enjoying your blog, I look forward to reading your stories as well as seeing your beautiful mani’s.
    Hang in there, they grow up so fast!
    You and your baby are in my thoughts. ❤️

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    1. Hi, Carmen! Thanks so much! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s always nice to hear someone takes the time to read! Thank you for your encouragement; we keep telling ourselves that it will all be behind us before we know it and that we’ll miss this wonderful age. It really is so much fun, despite the troubles!


  2. In no order of importance:

    1. I have not said so yet over on IG, but these nails are DOPE. And so is your front yard! I love the decorations. I’d go the full ham if we had a front yard, definitely. I’ll be the one parked beside the tombstone with candy for the kids and boxed wine for the adults. 🙂

    2. Sorry to hear about your baby troubles. I always think it’s probably a very good thing that we don’t remember our very earliest years – all those changes would be, well, debilitating if they were happening to you with an adult consciousness, you know? Also, teething just blows – who came up with this ruddy baby teeth situation anyways?! I hope you’re all feeling more settled soon.

    3. FRIGGIN TOPCOAT, the undoing of so many good manis. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think it’s a terrible smudging. But still, who wants their hard work undone by the very thing you put on top of it to make it look better? Not these people.

    4. Also, this is apropos of nothing, but we’re looking for a house right now, and it sucks. There’s nothing in this city. Just a lot of traffic and LRT troubles.

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    1. Thank you, Sandra, both for the compliment and the compassion. We’ve been having a few good nights since the last rant, I’m happy to report! The trick, we’ve found, is to hit the sack at 9pm and not try to squeeze in any “us” time. Sleep comes first and we’re all in a better mood because of it.

      House-buying, gosh, that’s something I don’t miss. There really is nothing! Which areas are you looking into? Come join us in this exciting land of Kanata – hey, we have one non-chain coffee shop! I’m sad you’re moving after all the hassle of that reno, but I guess it will pay off. Good luck!


      1. Aw, thank you, it’s been such a whirlwind! I just LOATHE moving, but it was time to move on, and a good time to do it, too – the place is clean and fresh and we haven’t messed it up yet, and we don’t have any pets to contend with during showings and whatnot (speaking of, the first one is tomorrow morning!) And we are looking in Kanata, actually, although we’re concentrating right now on the Crystal Beach area over by Andrew Hayden Park? Lots of mid-century bungalows, good transit nearby, close to work, and more than one non-Starbucks coffee shop, yay! We’ll see how things play out – kinda slim pickins out there right now.
        Glad to hear you guys are getting some good sleep. It’s so stinkin’ important. I just go into Beast Mode when I haven’t been sleeping well (which is all the friggin time these days; hence the moving!) Happy Halloween to you three – looking forward to seeing photos of the nugget if you ended up taking her out. 🙂

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        1. Okay, so the showing went well, because we got an offer on the place about three hours after, and we took it! The sale is somewhat conditional, so we’ve still done a few other showings, but there’s not much activity as our place is listed as such. But as I mentioned in another comment that took me far too long to respond to – sorry – we bought a house out in Kanata! So not at all Crystal Beach. I really love that mid-century look that peppers the Crystal Beach neighbourhood, but pickings were very slim and pri-cey. It’s definitely a seller’s market right now; I swear I saw the same four couples at every open house and showing we went to, all of us fighting over the same desperately-in-need-of-a-gutting bungalows and splits. Our new house (eek!) is a two storey, and it’s in move-in condition. There’s a few personal cosmetic changes I’d like to make (painting) but otherwise, she’s good to go. 🙂

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        2. Haha, as I said in another comment that took me far too long to respond to, a huge congratulations!!!! So glad you got the stressful stuff done! Moving is always an exciting time for me, new beginnings and such. Yes, I hear it’s a sellers’ market, apparently every house is selling at well over asking price. But, you did sell as well, so I hope it balanced out somewhat. When do you move in?


        3. Well, it would figure our current place would find yet another way to screw us over, because we close here on the 2nd, but we can only get the elevator on service on the 29th. Then we take possession of our new place on the 4th. So basically, this could not be more complicated. What we’re doing is moving out our furniture on the 29th and into short term storage for a week, staying with my parents for a bit, and then moving into our new place on the 4th. Ugh!

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        4. Sorry it takes me forever to get to comments on the blog nowadays. I’ll try to be better with it. I understand the move is now done, Christmas tree and all! Hope you had fun at your parents’!


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