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DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

Do you love essential oils but don’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars for a fancy diffuser? Here’s a quick, easy and cheap DIY for just that situation!


This tiny diffuser has a magnetic backing so that I can stick it up on the magnet board at my workstation. Depending on where you want to use yours, you can go with a velcro backing, double-sided tape, mounting strips like these, or just leave it in a dish on the table.

You will need:

  • Terra cotta (clay) disc such as brown sugar saver, pot watcher, usually found in kitchen stores*
  • Strong magnets – 2; I used neodymium magnets from the dollar store
  • Hot glue gun, Krazy glue (Kragle! sorry, I have to do this every time!) or other strong glue

*If you cannot find these anywhere, you can break a clay flower pot from the dollar store, sand down the sharp edges and use that.


1. Using the glue gun or glue, attach the magnets to the back of the terra cotta disc. You’re done!

See, that was easy, right? To use, apply a couple of drops (3-4) of essential oils to the disc. The smell usually lingers for a day or two before I have to replenish it. When I’m feeling sluggish and groggy, I usually go with peppermint and citrus essential oils. On days when I’m stressed, lavender helps soothe my nerves. I also find most oriental/spicy oils very uplifting, my favourite being star anise. Most essential oils are effective when inhaled, so a diffuser is very useful. There are plenty of informative articles on the web that talk about essential oil safety and uses. Spend some time looking up which oils to use, and which ones blend well together, and enjoy inhaling in the goodness!

{Remember never to apply essential oils to your skin undiluted}

Here’s another wonderful post for an alternative DIY diffuser using an oil warmer!

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