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Hairclip Organizer

Hello! This post has been patiently waiting to be published for months now. All I had left to do was take a picture of the final product, so here it is (finally)!

There is a “myth” that says if a pregnant mother experiences a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, it is an indication that her child will be born with a full head of hair. I put the word myth within quotation marks because the nurses at the hospital where I gave birth assured me that it is true to their knowledge/experience.

My most conspicuous memory of my pregnancy is heartburn. Constant, unyielding, relentless heartburn gnawing at my very existence. There were actually one or two instances when I just cried from heartburn (I am not a crier, not even from those pregnancy hormones I’d heard so much about). I was on medication for heartburn for the bulk of my pregnancy and yet there it was, a constant presence in my life. In moments of frustration, I would say “this baby better be a regular Rapunzel!”. And boy, was she!

My baby was fortunately born with a thick mop of hair on her tiny head, not to mention arms, back, forehead… All that fuzz has sort of gone away now, and she is left with hair mostly on her head and some facial hair.

Which finally brings me to the point: pretty much as soon as Baby ACD was born, I started buying and using hair clips. Which called for some manner of organization. So I did what every mother today does and looked at Pinterest for help. Behold my hair clip organizer using dollar store supplies!

What you will need:

  • Photoframe
  • Ribbons or lace
  • Hot glue gun or other sturdy glue
  • Ruler, pencil to measure spacing
  • Washi tape to decorate edges (optional)


1. Begin by taking apart the photoframe. You will not need the glass, just the frame itself.

2. On the frame, measure out 8-10 points on either edge of the short side. These are where you will glue the strips of ribbon onto the frame. Cut ribbon into strips slightly longer then the length of the frame and glue each strip onto the frame.

I used two different ribbons and glued the strips sort of in pairs (see picture above). I started out with attaching clips to single strips of ribbon for storage (like the first picture above), but found that once I had several clips on one strip, the whole strip tended to twist on itself. So I later added a second strip next to each original one. Attaching each clip to both strips ensures that the strips don’t twist.

3. If you wish to decorate the edges of the frame, cut out strips of washi tape to size, and stick on the frame.

And that’s all there is to it!



This simple organizer can hold a lot of hair clips, as you can see. Baby’s collection has expanded in the past few months, and I even made a couple myself. That is a tutorial for another day. I had thought of adding some hooks at the bottom for hanging headbands, but Baby ACD dislikes wearing bands and hats, so we never use the few she owns and don’t need to have them out for easy access.

Let me know what other ways you organize baby hair accessories. We’ll be back to regular programming with a couple more Halloween posts next, starting with some snack ideas. Until then, stay spooky (and organize your head bands & clips 😀)!

4 thoughts on “Hairclip Organizer

  1. Well, how charming is that? I love these kind of organizing projects that just incorporate whatever it is you’re organizing into the thing, so it’s not just all tucked away in a drawer or a box somewhere. And I had no idea there was a correlation between heartburn and hirsute (wrong word, but I think you know what I mean) babies. Of course, you could fill a very large gorge with all of the things that would surprise me about pregnancy and babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, glad you like it! I like how easy it is to spot if I’m missing one since every clip has its own designated spot. Not knowing a thing abt pregnancy and kids: I can totally relate, I’ve only found out everything I know in the past year and a half, mostly bc I had to!


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