Housekeeping & Logistics

Hi, there! Here is some general housekeeping information about this blog:

How frequently do I post blog entries? I have been trying to do at least one proper article a week. By proper article, I mean an extended post – a recipe, a do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial, etc. I expect to post every Saturday morning.

Do I post in between the Saturday articles? Yes, I often post images, links or quick thoughts in between. Sometimes, blogging is just too much fun & I want to share something as it happens! These are usually much shorter: just a link to something I think is interesting, a quick picture of a manicure, etc.

How can you tell whether a post is simply an image/link or longer? Just underneath the title of the post, you will see a description of the post type. If the main purpose of the post is to share a photo, it should say “Image” right next to the author name (which is Pinnatifid). Similarly, if I want to share a link with you, it should say “Link” there. If there is no such description, then it is a longer post where I share thoughts, recipes and tutorials.

Have a question I have not addressed here or just want to get in touch with me? Email me at with thoughts, feedback, requests or comments if you would rather not comment.

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