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31DC2016Weekly 3: Yellow

The prompt for day #3 of the 31 day nail art challenge is “yellow”. I’ve been meaning to try two new techniques for weeks now – dry brushing and fishtail braids (and no, I’m not talking about hair!). Earlier this week, I saw Flight of Whimsy’s beautiful braid manicure and got inspired! So today, I decided to put in a little more effort and try both these techniques. I’m so thrilled with the final product; I absolutely love this manicure, although this is definitely not one for days when you are pressed for time! [I kind of messed up and hurried through applying the top coat, so I ended up with bubbles 😦 ]

The colour scheme for this manicure was inspired by a scarf I used to own. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow as the base colour, and made designs with the same yellow, along with Wet n Wild Megalast in I Need A Refresh-Mint and my coral frankenpolish (read this for more detail about this colour). Here’s another close-up:

This is one of my all-time favourite manicures! Colourful as it is, it doesn’t look busy, and I don’t think I would feel uncomfortable walking around with this. Dry brushing is a very quick, cool technique & I see myself doing that again soon. The braid is something I really like the look of, but it is pretty time-consuming.

If you would like to join in this weekly nail art challenge, just post your pictures on your blog or other social media and tag the picture with the hashtag #31dc2016weekly.

Secondly, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I usually add new nail art pictures to the gallery. I will not be doing this with the weekly challenge. These posts will all be available under the nail art tab [Nails → Nail Art → 31DC2016], and will not be displayed in the gallery.

Let me know what you think! And if possible, join me! The next prompt is “green”.

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