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Tonic Polish Lunar Lust

Hello, there! As I mentioned in my last swatch post, it has become a bit of a sub-hobby to photograph bottles of shifty, multichrome polish, so I’ve decided to continue doing such (swatch?!?) posts for some of the more shifty ones. I received all my Tonic Polish polishes a while back, and am slowly trying each out. Much as I love to do my nails, I usually don’t end up doing them more often than twice a week, so it’s slow going, especially with the 31DCWeekly colour-specific prompts until last week.

Today I’m sharing some swatches of Lunar Lust. This is a medium-grey crelly base that shifts predominantly to blue and purple, with some green, pink and even yellow at extreme angles.

Like Incandescent, this has a lit-from-within glow, along with a scattering of very fine holographic pigment. The formula is very easy to work with; although it is perhaps a tad bit thick, it self-levels very quickly.  I only needed two coats for full coverage, and I’m generally not very heavy-handed with my polish. The swatches are shown with an additional layer of top coat.

This is my first time wearing this polish. I’m on day #4 today, and there is no chipping or tip wear, none! I normally don’t experience a lot of chipping, but tip wear can occur as early as the same day when I cook that day, which I did this time around! This was quite incredible to me, but to give credit where it’s due, I also did apply a total of three layers of top coat before & after adding nail art (coming up in the next post).

I can’t seem to take my eyes off this polish; it’s highly inconvenient when I need to focus on writing! My desk is next to a window, and it’s really fun to see the purple glow on my right hand, and the blue on the left!

I’m posting the nail art I did over this base (although you can already see it in the last two pictures!) as a separate post, just so I can put it under the correct tab on my page. Let me know what you think of this colour. Do you own any Tonic Polish polishes? Also, comment & let me know if you think I should do more swatches & posts like this. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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