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(Neon?) Watercolour

Hello! Happy Monday to you all! We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday, we had some friends over for lunch and we munched on some delicious cheese, veggies and some freshly-baked bread. On Sunday, we had a relaxed family day, complete with some delectable icecream, and I finally organized my closet and got some cleaning done.

Unfortunately, Baby ACD and I had a rough night last night, but we do have much growth on a pair of teeth to show for it! Baby is passed out right now, but I’m cursed with the inability to nap during the day (99% of the time), so here I am in my favourite space in the universe!

I did this manicure several weeks ago, but with all the giveaway manis and the fluid art, I haven’t gotten around to posting it. I had envisioned something completely different and way more neon, but I like how it turned out anyway.

For the base, I wore one coat of Tonic Oops 10/Million X (an oops of the gorgeous One Million Flowers). Over that, I did a smoosh of that along with four neons with contrasting shimmer, also by Tonic. I’m not very fond of neons in general, but was really feeling the vibe that day. The polishes I used are Endless Shrimp (coral with aqua shimmer), Glowy Joe (green with pink shimmer), I Pink You Blue Me Off (blue with pink-yellow shifting shimmer) and Light of Lyra (purple with aqua shimmer). Because of the light colour underneath, it came out pastel neon and looked like a watercolour base! I totally forgot to take pictures before I stamped…

I’m not sure I managed to capture just how sparkly this base was up front!

Over the smoosh, I double-stamped a floral image using Creative Shop plate-57, Moyra black stamping polish and Born Pretty stamping polish #18 (turquoise).

I also wanted to see how it looked matte. While it lost some of the sparkle, I really liked that version too!

I guess I should have shrunk the image to make the flowers more obvious, but I kind of like this abstract look over the base. The matte top coat brought out the flakies in Oops 10 as well as the shimmers.

This it it for now, since Baby is up. Send some good vibes our way as we try to make it through today, through the sleeplessness and teething pains. Until the next post, take care, stay healthy & happy!

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