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My Marble-ous Mani

The other day, I was browsing the web and I came upon something called a “pun generator”. Basically, you enter a word into the generator, and it tells you what words you can play upon and suggests a number of puns.

As you can tell from the marble-ous title of this post, I have a smoosh marble mani for you today. Here’s me posing with one of Baby ACD’s books, which have recently become a well-loved prop.

The base is a single coat of the lovely one-coater white crème, Color Club’s French Tip. Over that, I did a smoosh using a clear stamper and three polishes – AEngland Proserpine (deep teal), Cirque Colors Urbanized (mustard yellow) and OPI Oh My Majesty (soft white with red shimmer). You can’t really see it very well, but the shimmer in Oh My Majesty shows through beautifully over the white base. Because the stamper picks up such a thin layer of the smoosh, it dries in almost no time.

My plan originally was to stamp over this, but I liked the simple marbled look so much, I decided to leave it at this. I did add a coat of ILNP Up Top, a green-gold-orange iridescent flakie topper.

Of course, I topped it all off with some matte top coat (because, flakies). And, without having set out to do so, I inadvertently used polishes from four of my top five favourite brands (Tonic was missing). Tonic recently released a matte top coat, and I was very tempted to use that instead of my usual Glisten and Glow, but didn’t give in. I still have a fresh bottle of matte top coat to go through and I am not opening the Tonic bottle for fear of it forming those horrible white flecks that matte top coats inevitably do.

I’ve had a rather tough day on account of not having gotten much sleep lately. I napped for a bit before dinner and am now off to bed, should baby allow. I was thinking earlier that having a baby is like having the world’s most inconsiderate boss; she does not care how you’re feeling, you have to get the job done! Until the next time, toodles!

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