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A Head Full Of Ideas…

…And so little time to implement them!

I’ve really been feeling my nail art these past couple of weeks. I find myself constantly thinking of what to do on my nails next, planning one manicure after another. I’m sure this intense craving for doing art is a phase and I just need to get it out of my system.

So I thought it was funny to pay a little homage to my current state of mind!

On all my fingers, I have on three coats of Picture Polish Pooh. On the thumb, index and pinky fingers, I used Moyra black stamping polish and a dotting tool to create the dots. On my other two fingers I stamped using the same black polish and Creative Shop plate-58. On the middle finger, I used a small detail brush and the same black polish to fill in some of the stamping and create the half nail design.

I love this sparkly yellow jelly base. I’m finding I rather like yellow nail polish, but then, I like yellow everything! And, I might add that this polish did not stain my nails, as yellow polish is apt to do. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how beautifully dark and opaque this stamping polish is?

I am anticipating a couple more posts coming your way in the next few days, or until my nail art craving has somewhat stabilized. I just received my new Creative Shop plates from a group buy, and a truckload of Moyou London plates from the Boxing Day sale and some stamping polish are on their way to me. I would say it is safe to assume most of my upcoming looks will feature stamping.

Until the next post, I leave you with this accidental picture where I used flash and the light just seems to bounce off two of the bulbs!

7 thoughts on “A Head Full Of Ideas…

  1. I *knew* that was a Picture Polish, uh, polish – they just have that rich, lush look to them. And I also go through phases of intense creativity when it comes to nail art, and then these weird fallow periods where I’ve just got absolutely nothing. I’ve taken to e-mailing myself my ideas because I was forgetting them all in the periodic bursts of inspiration.

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