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Hello! I’m back sooner than expected, because I did manage to do my “gruesome graveyard” mani for the #clairestelle8challenge after all! I had to resort to using nail tips (aka, fake nails) since I did them over several days and life didn’t get in the way of drying time. I bought a pack of fake nails off AliExpress a couple of months ago specifically for scenarios such as this, and I’m glad I had them handy when I needed them. I’m not in love with how ridiculously long these tips are, and given more time to play, I’d have trimmed them way down to a more realistic size. That said, it’s a lot of fun to do gradients and multilayer stamping over nails this long; there’s just so much space for elaborate scenes!

It must be obvious from the photos that I had no clue how to position my fingers with these talons on! I kept dinging one nail with the next!

The base is a gradient of Tonic Polish Lunar Lust (one of my first and also top Tonics; I even did the rare swatch post for this) and Light of Lyra, another surprise favourite. Lunar Lust is a grey crème polish with strong shimmer that shifts from aqua blue to purple, while Light of Lyra is a purple crème with strong aqua shimmer. I thought they would pair beautifully together and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Next, I used a detail brush to brush on some aqua flakie topper (Tonic Uba Tuba) near the “top” of the mani around the nail beds. The shimmer in these polishes just glows, and while I didn’t do a great job of capturing the flakies, they really added a beautiful dimension everytime a flakie would catch the light and spark!

Over this beautiful and delicate base, I first stamped in grey and black on some nails and then added in a second layer of stamping in black. For all the nails, I used Major Dijit stamping plate-12 and my Creative Shop holo glassy stamper.

The middle finger (second picture) and thumb (last picture) are the exact same; the thumb was kind of practice for the middle finger but I loved how both turned out.

So there you have it. A big advantage of using fake nails, especially if you love the product, is that you get to store it forever. I might even be able to stick these back on for Halloween!

I haven’t yet done the final mani for this challenge, but I do still have the magnetic collab mani and the #halloweenforever one coming up. Now that Baby’s sleep has normalized somewhat and I feel more human, I am looking forward to posting more frequently again. Until the next post, toodles!

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