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ABC Challenge: U is for Undead

I love Halloween and spooky things in general, so it’s been killing me to not have done a single Halloween manicure so far this year! Even though the whole month rushed by, it’s never too late (plus the new season of The Walking Dead just came out), so U is for Undead! Gaaahhhhhh!


The base colour on my nails is two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bare Hug. I wanted to emulate the look of aged & dirty paper, so I dry-brushed over that using my grey frankenpolish, Sally Hansen CSM in Haute Chocolate and Wet n Wild in French White Crème. (I actually googled the term “dirty paper” and was quite apprehensive of what might show up!)

I stamped on the blood and the zombies using Major Dijit plates #12 and #15, and Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Rapid Red and Black To Black. I didn’t do a great job with the stamping, so I went over some of the parts with my trusty black Sharpie. I had a super difficult time with stamping this time around. In a sudden flash of brilliance, I decided that the best time to slather cuticle oil all over my nails (not just cuticles, mind you!) was before I was about to start the process of stamping. Spoiler alert: it was not good! 😀 However, it did have kind of a cool sketched look to it before Captain Sharpie came to the rescue, so I’m including a picture below (click below to see a larger image)!

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