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Fluid Friday #4

Hello! Am I the most creative blogger vis-à-vis titles, or what? I managed to squeeze in a quick mani for fluid Friday after all! This was the inspiration picture of the week:

And here are two of my favourite decals:

I used the swiping technique with a scraper once again this week (see last week’s post for details). Once again, I found that I really like the final look of the fluid art when I scrape the polishes to blend, as opposed to using a scraper or folding over the mat, but I still need to work on my pressure and scraping technique. I’m hoping practice will make perfect. Here’s the final mani:

For this look, I used Wet ‘n Wild I Need A Refresh-mint (blue), L’Oreal Julianne’s Nude (a medium brownish-nude), Tonic Polish Toxic (purple) and a soft pink frankenpolish that I doctored from a Sally Hansen polish years ago. I also used my DIY white transforming polish to create the cells (details in this post).

I didn’t have much luck this time around; of the ten decals I made, only three turned out to my liking, so I got creative and did two half nails with negative space! I didn’t leave my thumb bare, but the decal I used on that was not very nice.

On the index and pinky fingers, I used some silver holographic striping tape to hide the mess where the decal smudged the base pink frankenpolish! I think I’m learning to manipulate these thick decals. Clean-up didn’t take as long as usual this time around. I really love how the shimmer in the purple polish shows through in areas.

On a side note and because I was complaining about a polish brush on my last post: I had forgotten just how much I love the brushes on the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line! I also share the same love for the Wet ‘n Wild Megalast line. In my opinion, these two lines have the best brushes I’ve used till date, indies included.

So, there you have it! Another #fluidfriday down. Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts about fluid art, favourite brushes and suggestions for a more clever title! Have a wonderful weekend!

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