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Nectar, a.k.a. Floral Fluid

Hello! It’s Friday again, and as of last week, I have decided to try and participate in as many #fluidartfridays as I can manage in order to get some practice. It’s a technique I’ve been wanting to dabble in for a while and am really enjoying it so far. However, I’m on a steep learning curve at the moment as I’ve only just started playing around.

Just as I did last week, I joined in with some others on Instagram for #fluidfridayfriends. This was the colour palette for this week:

I made a total of ten decals, and ended up using only half of them. I made the decals on Wednesday afternoon, let them dry completely, top-coated and left them out to dry overnight. They were still pliable the next morning, and I placed them inside a stamping plate organizer and didn’t end up using them until Thursday night. The Wet n Wild clear coat is well-known for keeping decals pliable, but this was my first time leaving them out overnight, and I was very impressed! Here are some macros of the decals, because, art.

Applying the decals to my nails was easy, although I did make the amateur mistake of using a peel-off base coat underneath and so clean-up was challenging. If you are smarter than I am and have never done that, I’ll have you know that peel-off base coat doesn’t like acetone and decals usually require a healthy amount of it for cleaning around the edges.

Because my nails are short, much of beautiful, vibrant decals got cut off. I love how these came out!

For this look, I used Sally Hansen Xtremewear Fuschia Power, Mellow Yellow, Sunkissed and White On, along with Tonic Polish Light of Lyra and my DIY clear transforming polish for creating the cells (more details on my last post). I really love how bright and springy these colours are, and also how they look on my skin tone.

Because I almost always must compulsively stamp my nails, I proceeded to “complete” this look, and I have to say, I loved how the end result!

I wish I owned a dress like this! In fact, I’m pretty sure I did at some point!

I used Creative Shop plate-43, one of my first purchases from this now-beloved brand, and Moyra black stamping polish.

So, there you have it! I have made two more DIY transforming polishes, one in black and one in white, and will most likely be testing them out next week. My dissertation submission is coming up soon, so I may not have a lot of time for nail art in the next couple of weeks, but I have several looks lined up that are yet to be posted. Also, I hope to try some acrylic pouring, the original fluid art for walls that inspired this kind of nail art, once that is out of the way.

Have you ever tried fluid art? Do you enjoy it or have any tips or tricks to share? Let me know in the comments! Until the next post, toodles!

8 thoughts on “Nectar, a.k.a. Floral Fluid

  1. Wow, those look so, so fantastic, particularly up close where you can see the shimmery purple polish doing its thang. Love the black stamping, too (black looks so great with these kind of lush, tropical colours) although it doesn’t need it, pretty spectacular on its own. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! I agree, I love black with these colours (or any, really, I even love a good black on black!). I’m having so much fun with these; I’ve been intending to try for ages now.


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