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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello, folks! I have a manicure today that I did for a giveaway by Creative Shop. I love this brand, so how could I not participate? There is a new prompt each week and the theme for this week is “first greens”. I found this image of what look to be snowdrops, but I chose not to colour them white.

The base is a polish I won from a Beautometry giveaway last December; a Masura polish called First Day of Spring. It is a beautiful sage green with a generous sprinkling of holographic sparkle and a subtle, glowy blue shimmer. I applied two thin coats. Over that, I stamped using Moyra black stamping polish and Creative Shop plate-60.

For my pinkie, ring and part of my middle finger, I made a decal using an image from the same plate. I coloured it in using Cirque Colors Hatch, Rose Canyon and Nolita Lolita, and Tonic Polish Promise of Spring. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was a tad bit disappointed that the speckled finish of the first two didn’t come across more clearly. I used Revlon No Chip top coat over the decal, which smudged the stamping somewhat.

As always, I tried mattifying it afterwards and liked it just as much.

This was the first time I did an entire manicure while Baby ACD was awake and playing! Imagine the possibilities! She has been going through a major development leap and I have pretty much spent the past 10 days or so carrying her almost constantly, so you can imagine what a huge breather this was!

Here’s hoping that spring does indeed arrive soon; while I don’t mind the snow very much, I’m looking forward to resuming my walks with Baby ACD.

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