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Embroidered Silk Dress

Hello, folks! I’m in the middle of a very social day today. Baby ACD had a playdate in the morning, another one is coming up soon and then I’ll have a friend visit (baby – no one visits to see the mister & myself anymore!). Baby is worn out already and passed out in the middle of her morning playdate, and I am enjoying some quiet time.

My creative spurt continues and I’m back with nail art that reminds me of an embroidered floral silk dress. Incidentally, the name of the polish has the word “silk” in it!

The base is another Emily de Molly thermal called Silk and Denim, which changes from a soft dusky pink when warm to dusky purple when cold. There is a strong aqua shimmer running through it, especially strong in the cold state, along with some silver glitters that dry smooth. This polish changes colour at a rather low temperature of 21°C, so it stayed mostly in the warm state on my short nails, even when I was in the basement (where most thermals I own tend to revert to the cold state). While trying to photograph it in the cold state, I managed to spill a cupful of cold water onto the carpet, which soaked it all up immediately! Oops!

I can’t say I mind that it stays in the warm state for the most part because it’s such a lovely nude colour. I do, however, like it better in the cold state because it brings out the aqua shimmer more.

I stamped over the base using Sally Hansen Insta Dri Re-teal Therapy and Creative Shop plate-127. I wore it with a glossy top coat to retain the silken look (but of course, I also mattified it later). I don’t have any pictures of the matte version because the sides lifted after a kitchen-cleaning session. Here’s a macro that shows the intense shimmer:

I am rather new to thermals and don’t own very many (by nail polish addict standards, not “normal” standards 😬). What do you think of them? Do you like wearing them? Do you, like me, have a sudden urge to hold your fingers under running water at varying temperatures when you’re wearing a thermal polish? 😀

I’ll leave you with an edited shot that I think turned out quite artsy. Toodles!

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