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Magnetic Petunias

Hello, folks! Another day, another mani, another day I delay writing a baby-related post that’s been on my mind.

I’m not usually crazy about the colour purple, and most definitely not of the royal/neon-leaning purple. So, I took myself by surprise when I not only liked Tonic Toxic, but liked it very much indeed! I’ve delayed wearing it in a full mani, but finally got around to it a couple of days ago.

I’m not sure why my fingers look so odd in these pictures. Anywho, the purple base is two coats of Tonic Polish Toxic, as I mentioned. Over that, I applied one coat of Xtravaganza, also by Tonic Polish. This is an original unicorn pee (OGUP) pigment with the red-gold-green shift and has green-purple shifting magnetic shimmer. I generally love the OGUP over purples and royal blues, but the idea to layer Xtravaganza over Toxic was not my own- it was inspired by a mani I saw over at the Tonic Facebook group. I magnetized it using my neodymium bar magnet and this time I held the magnet vertically on the nail. I have to say I quite like the vertical line down the nail, especially now that my nails are short since it has a lengthening effect.

I couldn’t capture the shifts and the sparkle in pictures, but it was so pretty up front. Here’s a shot with flash that sort of shows the sparkle and shimmer:

On the index and ring fingers, I reverse-stamped the petunia images. First, I stamped the image using two different green stamping polishes by Born Pretty (ML04 Aloof and ML06 Recluse) and Born Pretty plate BP-L029. Next, I coloured in the petunias with Sally Hansen Pink Pong.

Magnetic polishes are just so much fun and give so much dimension to a manicure! I couldn’t bear to cover up too much of the gorgeous base, so I kept the reverse-stamping to a minimum. I have a few new magnetics that just arrived, and I’m looking forward to some more magic soon.

I’ll be back on Friday with my mani for Fluid Friday, which I just got done today like a good nailista! Until then, take care!

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