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Guardians, Subdued

Hello, folks, a happy Sunday to you! I just realized I never posted my stamping add-on to my swatch of Tonic Polish Guardians Of The Tower, so here goes!

I used a metallic pink Sally Hansen polish called Pink Satin, and Moyra Florality stamping plate. I wanted an image that wouldn’t cover up too much of the gorgeous base, and really love how simple, but pretty, this turned out!

I hope you have a good remainder of the weekend! We’ve been busy enjoying the usual summertime activities. Baby ACD spent the morning playing in her DIY sandbox (an under-bed storage tub), we tried to inflate a pool we bought for her but it was defective so back it went into its box to be returned, and then we all went strawberry-picking with my Mom, who’s visiting for a couple of weeks. We also went last year, as we do each strawberry season, but Baby was only a few months old at the time and didn’t really get to explore. This year, we forgot her shoes, but she walked around in socks like a champ, chomping on juicy, sweet strawberries the size of small apples, and strutting about like she owned the place!!! She’s just waking up from a nap now, so that’s my cue. Until the next post, toodles!

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