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Paisley Blues

Good morning, folks! I have another manicure today. I had an hour to play last night and decided to do this on my left hand only, with every intention of taking it off soon afterwards (I often derive more pleasure from the act of doing nail art rather than wearing it). However, I’m totally in love with how it turned out – I will be replicating this on my right hand tonight!

The base is Cirque Colors Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), a Danish word that means cozy. And boy, is that one of the most appropriately-named colours ever! It is a soft grey-blue shade, with strong copper shimmer that almost leans peach, giving the base a warm glow. There is also some scattered holographic microglitter dispersed throughout, and the effect is a soft, subtle sparkle when the nail catches the light. I have always thought of holographic glitter as one of the most overrated nail polish features, but I do think a polish with a subtle sparkle like this is nothing short of magical.

Over this base, I stamped a simple design from Moyou Trendhunter-16 and Born Pretty stamping polish #11, a warm rose colour.

Now here’s some background regarding Born Pretty stamping polish. I previously owned two stamping polishes from Born Pretty – the black and the silver – and got very little use out of them. The silver was little used because I don’t often stamp in silver, and the black I really dislike because it stains, it was thick and goopy right upon arrival and the brush was disfigured. However, when I decided late last year to invest in some stamping polishes in a myriad of colours because I only seem to use black or white, Born Pretty came highly recommended, so I decided to give them another chance. They arrived within a couple of weeks (much to my utter amazement) and the polishes flowed smoothly but were thick and opaque, and stamped beautifully even over dark colours! I bought quite a few during their Black Friday sale thinking I got a great deal, but if you’re looking to build up your stamping polish collection like I was, look into getting them on AliExpress instead, where they cost about a dollar each (even from the Born Pretty store there). The only caveat, of course, is that you may have to wait for months before you have them in hand.

Back to my mani after that digression: the index finger. Now, full disclosure here: I had actually meant to leave the index finger plain like the pinky. However, I dinged my nail as the base was drying and I realized it was a Thursday and I hadn’t posted for #texturenailluminati in a while. So I applied two coats of Zoya Miranda instead, a lovely and sparkling rose-coloured pixie dust polish to complement the stamping.

This turned out to be a bit of a wordy post! Baby ACD is napping, and I feel rather chatty… She’s stirring now, so off I go. Until the next post, stay hygge!

5 thoughts on “Paisley Blues

  1. So pretty, I love the stamping. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from Born Pretty, but I did get a special stamping polish one time from…somewhere (gee, very helpful!) Anyhow, it wasn’t super helpful – it was hella thick, and I’m total crap at stamping, so it really just messed things up extra nice. I have no idea how you do it and keep everything so tidy and streak-free!

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