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Embroidered Silk Dress

Hello, folks! I’m in the middle of a very social day today. Baby ACD had a playdate in the morning, another one is coming up soon and then I’ll have a friend visit (baby – no one visits to see the mister & myself anymore!). Baby is worn out already and passed out in the… Continue reading Embroidered Silk Dress

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A Head Full Of Ideas…

…And so little time to implement them! I’ve really been feeling my nail art these past couple of weeks. I find myself constantly thinking of what to do on my nails next, planning one manicure after another. I’m sure this intense craving for doing art is a phase and I just need to get it… Continue reading A Head Full Of Ideas…

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Paisley Blues

Good morning, folks! I have another manicure today. I had an hour to play last night and decided to do this on my left hand only, with every intention of taking it off soon afterwards (I often derive more pleasure from the act of doing nail art rather than wearing it). However, I’m totally in… Continue reading Paisley Blues

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My Marble-ous Mani

The other day, I was browsing the web and I came upon something called a “pun generator”. Basically, you enter a word into the generator, and it tells you what words you can play upon and suggests a number of puns. As you can tell from the marble-ous title of this post, I have a… Continue reading My Marble-ous Mani

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New Year’s Eve Ramblings

Hello, folks! While perhaps a large majority of you are busy ushering in a new year in style, I am trying to put a gassy baby back to sleep and decided it was the perfect opportunity to write a last-minute wrap-up post to see off a wonderful year. In my last post, I said I… Continue reading New Year’s Eve Ramblings

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Palate Cleanser

Hello, folks! After all the dark/bright colours I’ve been wearing lately, I needed a bit of a palate cleanser. I decided to go with Cirque Colours Fata Morgana, a pale lavender polish with strong copper shimmer and very subtle holographic sparkle. I’ve worn this polish before but did not have an opportunity to photograph or… Continue reading Palate Cleanser

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Cozy Sweater Vibes

Hello, folks! A cozy sweater is one of my top favourite things in the world, so when I had an opportunity to do my nails this week, I went with a sweater print. The base is two coats of Tonic Polish Come Wander. I seem to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this… Continue reading Cozy Sweater Vibes

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Christmas Mani

Hello, folks! I have a super-short post for you today. The last couple of weeks have been busy, but I managed to (finally) do some quick Christmas-themed nail art. We’re planning to take Baby ACD for a photo with Santa tomorrow and I hope he’ll be impressed by my nails! 😉 On my thumb, index… Continue reading Christmas Mani

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Abstract Beads

Hiya, folks! Mr ACD had to work today, but we managed to go out for a very early sushi dinner. Baby ACD was a total champ and happily played through dinner. She’s very curious, and I’m loving how much she enjoys people-watching and looking around when we’re out. After we got home, I had an… Continue reading Abstract Beads

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Textured Chevron

Hello, folks! Don’t you just love how original the title of this post is??? Yes, it is reflective of just how brain-dead I am right now! It’s been a tough couple of days, but today takes the cake – which is ironic, since it’s my birthday today (chuckle… am I losing it?). Baby ACD has… Continue reading Textured Chevron