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NOTW: Orchid-Inspired

Mr ACD really likes orchids and has attempted several times to keep some around the house. Green-thumbed as we both are in general, we simply cannot manage to keep one alive beyond a couple of weeks. We have now given up, but hope to learn to care for them some day. As for myself, I started off not liking them very much but have grown a liking to them very gradually over the years, especially the vibrant fuschia, blue and purple ones. I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest and was inspired to do some simple nail art based on the colours:

On my thumb, index and pinky fingers, I’m wearing three thin coats of ILNP Hush, over which I stamped using Pure Ice Superstar and Moyra Vintage-2 (plate 25). I find myself using this particular image a lot because it’s perfect when I want something very light and delicate. And guess what I did next? I put a white-based nail polish (KBShimmer Prints Charming) on my middle and ring fingers! I am just full of variety & surprises, am I not? :-/

There is a bright, almost-turquoise shift to Hush that I didn’t notice I hadn’t captured in these photos because I was apparently too busy trying to catch the purple! I’m doing a swatch post on Hush soon, and I promise you’ll see more colour shifts of this beauty there. 🙂

Blurple Orchids 3

That’s it, folks. Have you ever kept orchids? If so, please share some tips on how to care for them. And how do you like this manicure? Do you love multichromes and glitter crellies/jellies as much as I do? Let me know your answers to all these questions by commenting below! And have a great weekend!

Check out my other nail art adventures in the nail art gallery or under the nail art tab, or follow me on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) which I use exclusively for nail art.

19 thoughts on “NOTW: Orchid-Inspired

  1. Beautiful! I love multichrome polishes but only have a handful. I also own a few crellies & jellies but don’t give them enough love these days!

    I had an orchid once but it didn’t last more than a few weeks. I see them all the time at my local grocery store and they are so vibrant! Wish I could keep one alive too.

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    1. Thanks! Multichromes are so much fun that I don’t really even mind if I don’t have any nail art on! Sorry to hear about your orchid; I know they can be finicky and you should water them very sparsely, but that’s the limit of my knowledge abt them. How are your herbs doing, btw?

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      1. That is one thing I didn’t know about orchids..if I get another I’m going to do some research on them first! The herbs..didn’t go so well. Not sure, what kept happening but they were growing so well and then one after the other were dying. Our weather hasn’t been the greatest so far this year and I think that’s definitely played a role! I went and bought some already grown ones at a greenhouse..they are doing much better. Maybe seeds aren’t the way to go.

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        1. Aww so sorry to hear that. I hope the new ones work out better! We’ve just given up on houseplants – ever since we’ve moved into this apartment, they keep dying on us and we’re so tired of losing plants!

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        2. That’s too bad. But yeah, there’s a point when you know it’s not working. You’re in the country though, so it might be worth a shot trying low-maintenance, fast-growing ones like mint or basil.

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  2. So pretty! I always love a good crelly polish. I don’t really have any kind of green thumb, so I’ve definitely never attempted to keep orchids, but I do enjoy looking at them. Such an interesting and unusual flower!

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    1. Same here abt the crelly polish! Orchids are so unusual; I grew a liking for them when I took a buttercream flowers cake decorating class & really noticed for the first time how interesting these flowers are with the two kinds of petals in one.


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