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Canada Day Nail Vinyls Giveaway & Nail Art Ideas

Hello, lovely people! As you may know, Canada’s big 150th birthday is coming up in about two weeks’ time and my beautiful city of Ottawa is a-buzzin’! As part of the celebration, the kind folks at Nail Polish Canada want to make sure that as many people as possible go around sporting Canada Day-nail art on this special day, and to make it super easy, they are collaborating with bloggers to give out free maple leaf shaped vinyls (stencils) from Whats Up Nails, shipped free of charge to all Canadian addresses!

You get one sheet of 20 vinyls, consisting of a mix of three different sized maple leaves. Being the observant thing I am, I didn’t even realize that until day 2 of using them! To claim yours, all you have to do is click on this link to go the Nail Polish Canada product page and use my coupon code ZUG9G26LZR93. This offer is only valid for the first ten readers who claim it, so hurry up & get it first, then come back and check out some manis I’ve created using these vinyls below!

I actually spent all of the last week since I received my vinyls recreating six different nail art looks appropriate for Canada Day (I did two more that had to be scrapped because they didn’t turn out the way I was expecting). I’ll be posting some other non-Canada looks using these in a later post. The polishes I used in each look are specified in the captions. Click to see larger versions of each picture & the polishes used.

My favourite among all these looks is the maple leaf-shaped negative space half-moon mani. I used the solid leftover portion of the vinyl to create the negative space and was thrilled to be able to use both parts of each vinyl! I love that it’s a nod to the theme, but is a little more subtle than the others. However, for the day itself, I’ll definitely be sporting an obvious look! Which one is your favourite?

I hope to create some more looks for Canada Day in the next fortnight, so stay tuned. Feel free to recreate any of these looks if you like them and tag me on your page or on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) so that I can see your mani! You have absolutely no reason to go about on the big day without celebratory nail art now, do you??? 😀 Let me know in the comments if you have received your free stencils. And once again, a big thank you to Nail Polish Canada for spreading the love!



6 thoughts on “Canada Day Nail Vinyls Giveaway & Nail Art Ideas

  1. My gosh, these all look fantastic! I have traditionally been total crap at painting maple leafs (leaves?) – these are so impressive. 🙂 Yay, Canada 150 nails, and so many of them, too – I love.

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