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Tonic Polish Guardians of the Tower

Hello, there! This has been a tough, tough week. Baby ACD has developed a wicked diaper rash for the first time in her life and is in agony. She is handling it like a champ, but it’s breaking my heart that she is in so much pain. She also just started going to daycare last week and has been a little clingy as she transitions and figures out why I have suddenly started leaving her on her own. I feel emotionally and physically drained, but it is so much tougher on her, no doubt.

As I sit here holding her in my arms while she naps, I find myself worrying and reading things that can do no good. So I thought I would share with you a swatch of the beautiful Guardians of the Tower by Tonic Polish. This was a Rainbow Connection UK store exclusive that came out in March 2017 and is, sadly, no longer available. A kind nail polish friend sold it to me late last year and it took me a couple of months to finally try it on.

The base is a dark green-leaning teal, with strong pink-yellow shifting shimmer, fuschia-gold-green shifting flakies and a sprinkling of scattered holo. I can’t resist bottle shots of complex beauties like this one.

Here are some macros that show the beautiful shifty shimmer and the flakies:

I did do some subtle stamping over this, but I’ll post that separately just for logistic purposes. I had no hopes of ever buying this polish two years after it was released and then discontinued, so I feel very lucky that I finally got my hands on it!

This is it for today. If you’re reading this, please send a quick thought/prayer for my baby. I’ll be back soon with the other half of this post! Till then, I’ll leave you with a final shot of this beauty.

3 thoughts on “Tonic Polish Guardians of the Tower

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful! And such lovely photos, too (but yes, these polishes always make for such nice, flashy subjects – very photogenic.) 🙂 Glad to hear your baby is on the mend now, poor kiddo. Good thing we don’t remember too much about those very early days, huh? I suspect we’d all be pretty horrified by what’s going on if we were actually more aware of it.

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    1. Thank you so much! I live in a perpetual state of disappointment about photo quality, so it’s reassuring to hear that. Tonics in particular are my favourite subjects to shoot.

      Poor kiddo indeed. It’s been a year of great health then weeks of suffering. Hoping her immunity is improved now. You’re absolutely right, so much I’m grateful she will not remember!


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