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Succulent Vibes

Hello there! I’m back again, and although it is within a few hours of my last post, it is technically the next day and I’m good to go for Fluid Friday! We’re starting on our first road trip with Baby ACD as early as we can manage, and I won’t have time to post this during the day, so here goes!

The colour palette for #fluidfridayfriends this week was one I instantly fell in love with:

If you have been reading my blog at all, you’ll know blue and yellow are two of my absolute favourite colours! I used a different technique to make the decals this week. I applied polish to the mat as usual but folded the mat over itself to blend the colours together. I didn’t love how the decals came out when I tried this technique a couple of weeks earlier, but was blown away this week, even if I say so myself! I was practically dancing for joy! It remains to be seen whether this was a fluke…

Did I take enough pictures, do you think?!!?!! 😆

Also, I did another thing differently this time around: I applied two different transforming polishes. So, after I had applied three colours of polish on the mat, I added a few drops of my DIY white transforming polish, followed by three more polishes, and finished off with a few drops of the clear transforming polish. If you look closely at the macros (especially of the nails after I applied the decals), you can see two layers of cells formed! I did not expect this and loved the effect!

I’ve never used this many polishes in one mani! For this look, I used Color Club Macaroon Swoon (pale yellow), a pale pistachio green that I frankened several years ago, Cirque Colors Rockaway (burnt teal) & Wanderlust (bright turquoise blue), OPI Gelato On My Mind (light blue), and my DIY transforming polishes (white and clear). I hadn’t meant to use white in this mani, but I noticed I have no very pale blue polishes so I added a little to lighten the colours up.

This has to be one of my top favourites of all time! Firstly, I adore the colour scheme, and second the way the cells formed was much nicer than I expected!

This base was giving me strong succulent vibes for some reason, so I did a simple stamped pattern from Creative Shop plate-118 that I recently received in a giveaway.

Did I overdo it with the pictures this time? I had a hard time choosing which to post! Here are some close-ups:

I took these off after wearing them all day because I wanted to match my nails to what I’m wearing to my cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately, it was super-busy today and I didn’t get to do my nails! Lose-lose! But, fear not, I have saved my peelies! Yes, I’m one of those crazy people with a box full of peeled-off nail art…

So, what do you think of this mani? Have you ever tried fluid art? What are your weekend plans? Tell me everything!

I’ll be back next week, hopefully with success stories about the trip, especially the travel bit! Have a great weekend and stay cool if it’s sweltering hot where you live like it is here!

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