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Somewhere It’s Spring!

Good afternoon, folks! We’re buried under about a foot and a half of snow here! It’s been snowing for days, and pretty much all day yesterday we had snowfall alongside strong gusts which means a lot of snow blowing around. Mr ACD spent a good thirty minutes in -25°C chills to clear the walkway (while Baby ACD stood at the window waving at him), and within an hour there was about a foot of pristine snow covering it!

But, I’m sure it’s spring somewhere in the world, so here is some nail art to remind myself you.

The base polish is the lovely and unusual Spiced Eggnog by ILNP. I really like this polish now, but didn’t when I first bought it. I had bought it expecting a pale, warm yellow base but it’s got a hint of green and I was very disappointed. It recently made it to my destash list because I haven’t worn it in two years, but as I was putting it in the box it called out to me, and a quick swatch later, it was back where it belonged – with its other ILNP siblings!

It is a creamy vanilla-coloured base, with a very slight greenish tinge to it as I mentioned. There is a generous sprinkling of rust- and gold-coloured flakies in it, along with some fine scattered holographic glitter. This is a very unusual polish, and definitely unique to my collection. I’m wearing three coats of this on each nail.

I stamped the floral image using Creative Shop plate-127 and Moyra black stamping polish. I picked up the image onto my stamper and then coloured it in using Cirque Colors Nolita Lolita (pink) and Spotted In Soho (coral), and AEngland Captive Goddess (blue). I let that dry completely, then applied regular (not quick-drying) top coat all over the image. Once that had dried, I cut the decal and applied pieces onto each nail. My nails are short now, so two decals were enough to cover seven fingers.

I love reverse-stamping, but of course it takes more time, so I haven’t been doing it much. I used to use a small dotting tool to paint in the images, but I used a liner brush this time and it was much easier. I’ve been thinking, if I can find a way to store decals, they might actually make for quicker manis in the future!

I love this particular image, and no sooner had I finished applying top coat on my nails did I have an intense urge to stamp the same image to make porcelain-inspired nails! I’m going to try and squeeze that in soon.

Do you like reverse-stamping? Yellow polish? Spiced eggnog (the polish or the drink – I haven’t tried the latter)? Is it snowing where you live? Let me know in the comments! Until the next post, stay warm (or cool, or uh, comfortable!?!??)!!

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