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ABC Challenge: W is for White on White

I realize this looks a tad bit bridal, but 1) where I come from, red/hot pink/magenta is considered bridal, and, 2) I love white on white, so I don’t care either way! 😀

[Please excuse how dry & wrinkly my fingers look in all of today’s shots! Winter is here and, apparently, I didn’t get the memo.]


I like how this mani turned out, even though I would have preferred a slightly more sheer background. I recently purchased Funny Bunny by OPI, a sheer white jelly, and used that as the background. Unfortunately, this one applies rather streakily, so I had to go for four coats just to even it out. I had totally forgotten about the matte top coat trick, but I’m hoping that will help next time. I did the stamping with Pure Ice Superstar and plate BP-79. I topped it all off with Revlon Matte top coat at first, but later opted for the Matte Pearl top coat, which has tiny pink shimmer in it. In retrospect, I would probably stick to the plain matte top coat next time. Unfortunately, I don’t have a comparison picture of the two. Here are some close-ups that kind of show the shimmery matte pearl top coat:


Let me know what you think of this mani! Also, check out my other ABC Challenge posts under the nail art tab [Nails → Nail Art → ABC Challenge].

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