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The Ghost and The Darkness

Boo! This is the first of my Halloween manis this year. I love all things spooky and Halloweeny, and am always up for a dark mani! Those of you who are familiar with the 1996 movie that is the namesake to the title of this post will quickly see that this mani has absolutely nothing to do with the movie and is therefore rather inappropriately named. What is appropriate, however, is to start this off with a shot in the dark:


If the ghost, the “mist” and gnarly tree branches aren’t scary enough for you, I’ll step it up by showing you pictures during the daytime so you know this ghost means business, be it day or night:



Do the glowing red eyes have you shaking in your boots? Good; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The base colour is Tonic Polish Tides of Perseid. I love how the blue shimmer peeks through the dark base. I stamped the middle finger using my favourite white stamping polish, Pure Ice Superstar, and Born Pretty plate BP-L057. I top-coated all nails after this with some quick dry top coat. Once that was dry, I used white acrylic paint and water to make the smoke/mist. To see a great tutorial on how to do this, check this out. You can achieve the same look using white polish and acetone (like this) but I ended up with a big fail when I tried it earlier this week. I did manage to successfully use this method on my x-ray nails last year, so I probably just needed to try again or be more patient. I’ll show you the base from the attempt that didn’t work out, just for kicks (well, because I have a picture):


Anyway, once the mist was done, I double-stamped the ghost on my ring finger with some Konad yellow stamping polish and the same white polish. I drew on the red eyes with red gel pen. Next, I top-coated everything with regular top coat and then wrapped it all up with some matte top coat. I love how hazy it all looks, like looking into the mist. And just look at the beautiful shift of the base in the sun:


On my right hand, I did a simple stamp, using the same plate & white polish. Clearly I’ve been out of the stamping zone for far too long, because I stamped upside down and smeared the image while applying top coat.


Baby ACD is down with a cold, so we’ll see when I can squeeze another spooky mani in. Comment & let me know whether my red-eyed ghost is giving you the creeps!

10 thoughts on “The Ghost and The Darkness

    1. Love that movie! I’ll do a sequel to this mani with an actual movie-inspired one. The smoke effect didn’t quite work out to be the wispy aesthetic I was going for, but it was my second attempt and I thought I was pushing my luck with how few recreation opportunities crop up nowadays!


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