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31DC2017Weekly 14: Once & Floral

Hello! See what I did with the title? Lame, I know 😀 . I came across it on some webpage recently and just had to use it!

I’m actually kind of cheating with this prompt because this is a mani I did back in March for a nail art contest hosted by Moyra (that I decided not to continue with for personal reasons thereafter).

31DC2017Weekly Floral 2

Please excuse the lighting; not sure why it came off all messed up. The base is two coats (maybe one, can’t recall exactly) of the beautiful Sinful Colors Nice Guise. I stamped over that with Sinful Colors Innocent and Moyra stamping plate #25, Vintage 2. Next, I reverse-stamped the flower & butterfly images using Maybelline Bold Gold and Moyra stamping plate #14, Moments, and filled in using Color Club We’ll Never Be Royals and Burnt Out, and ILNP Hush.  You can see the multichrome shifts in the collage below, but I assure you the shift was so much more stunning in real life! These multichromes are probably my favourite additions to my collection & are very well-loved! To finish off, I mattified the whole look.

31DC2017Weekly Floral 4

In case you’re wondering, the brighter green parts are where I decided to scribble over the green scroll stamping with Sharpie markers… please, don’t ask, I have no clue why I did that! I did another lighter version of this same mani for the contest initially, but thanks to the peel-off base coat I was wearing, I wasn’t able to photograph the mani properly before one decided to pop off on its own accord! I’ll either post the bad pictures in one of my future posts or redo it.

If you would like to join in this weekly nail art challenge, post your pictures on your blog or other social media, and tag the picture with the hashtag #31dc2017weekly. There’s plenty of time to catch up yet! Also, you can check out all my entries for the 31DC2017Weekly under the nail art tab at Nails → Nail Art → 31DC2017, my other nail art adventures at Nails → Nail Art → NOTW, or follow me on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) which I use exclusively for nail art.

10 thoughts on “31DC2017Weekly 14: Once & Floral

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I ended up doing these sooo many times because for some strange reason, none of my stampers would pick up all the details. This really tested my patience but was so satisfactory at the end! I agree abt the gold + jewel tones!

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