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Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

I think might be getting the hang of this motherhood thing! How do I know, you ask? Because last night, I managed to work in a full manicure (3 coats of polish, with base and top coat, and stamping) into the two hours between Baby ACD’s bedtime and mine. This too, through a couple of visits to her crib where I had to take her out & pat her back to sleep. All without a single smudge! Are you now as convinced as I am that I have got motherhood all figured out? Told you!

This post is rather picture-heavy. This is possibly one of my favourite manis ever and the base is super shifty – two factors known to be directly proportional to the number of pictures taken.



This is my favourite kind of spooky manicure – a delicate background and subtle spooky/gruesome stamping over it that almost looks pretty until you look closer. The base is Tonic Polish Chick Habit, a loaded scatter holo base with glowing pink to gold (and I’m quite certain, to green) shimmer. Now, I’m not big on holographic polish, and I sort of bought this polish rather reluctantly (a classic case of FOMO), but was totally taken aback by just how much I loved it! It looks like a glowing soft pink in its resting state and has the most beautiful and subtle shifts in colour. And wait till you see it matte!

The stamping images are from Creative Shop plate #35, and I used Moyra black stamping polish. Here are some macros. Just look at that shifty base and that glow! And don’t you just love that image of the clawing zombie hand?




As with most of my manis, I love a good matte finish, so that’s what I proceeded to do:



The matte top coat really brings out the pink-gold-green shimmer and it just glows on the nail! I had meant to do this as a quick mani to let out some creative energy and did not intend to wear it for too long. Now, I’m having a hard time taking this off; I’m torn – there’s another delicate-spooky look I’m dying to do, but I also want to wear this a bit longer.

Mr ACD was on leave for a couple of weeks to help out with baby, and he goes back to work next week. I’m anticipating very little time for manis then, so I’ll try to fit in as many as I can into the remainder of this week. Until the next post, toodles, and I’ll leave you with a last look.


6 thoughts on “Zombies Can Be Delicate Too!

  1. Ooh, I love this, that base polish is gorgeous. Love those shifty ones – they photograph especially well on overcast, foggy days like this one. I finally got rid of all of my stamping stuff at the beginning of the year during a major purge – finally had to face facts that I suck a butt at stamping. It worked out *maybe* once in every 12 tries, so i finally admitted defeat. Too bad, because you make it look so (deceptively) easy and lovely.

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    1. It surprised me how much I loved that base! I adore stamping; too bad you got rid of your stash. And thank you. Btw, this is a strange question, but do you have an email address/other private contact info somewhere on your blog?


      1. I do! And that’s no stranger a question than being awake at 2:30 am responding to that question (something you’re undoubtedly familiar with, although mine is via act of cat.) I’ve got an introductory page up at the top of my blog (I Want to Say Hello) but you can always hit me up personally at, if you’d like. Always cool to make new blogging friends, especially if they’re actually local! 🙂

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