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Tonic Polish Incandescent

Hello, folks! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! I have for you today something I’ve never done before — a swatch. I normally don’t do swatches, but in recent months I’ve purchased a couple of polishes that are just so gorgeous, I wanted to share. It’s also becoming a bit of an obsession to take bottle shots of some of the hard-to-capture and unusual polishes; it’s so challenging to get a good shot that captures all the shifts, but is so rewarding if/when you finally do 😀 

I’ll be swatching the gorgeous Incandescent by Tonic Polish today. I only own a couple of polishes by this indie brand, and they are all so gorgeous and complex. Pictures don’t do justice to these; there’s so much depth and so much going on with them that my poor phone camera gets confused and doesn’t know where to focus! I might have to start using a real camera if I keep at this. Here are some bottle shots (click to enlarge images):

What colour is that polish? The maker describes it as “a metallic ballet pink multichrome that shifts to peach and icy lemon yellow with a subtle scattered holo sparkle”. However, after seeing it in person, I just don’t know! It’s called Incandescent, and so it is. It does go from ballet pink to peach and lemon yellow. However, on the way, it stops at mauve, beige, gold, metallic mossy green, and even a steely grey! There is a beautiful lit-from-within glow to the colour. It does show up most often as a soft glowy pink, but that proved to be the hardest to capture in my lightbox under all the bright lights. I tried taking pictures in natural light, but while I can see the pink with my eyes, as soon as the camera lens focuses, the pink is gone!

Besides the intriguing, shifting base colour, this polish also contains a good helping of holographic microglitter. However, I like how this has a lower density of the holo glitter than many other polishes; it gives a much more subtle look but comes alive in the sun or under bright lights. For my swatches, I applied three coats (but really could have gotten away with two) and top coat:

How gorgeous is that? I took a couple more shots in natural light to show you the pink steady state of the polish; this is how is looks much of the time (please excuse my stumpy fingers, and yes, my middle finger is naturally a bit lopsided!). See the pink glow in the picture on the right? Aaahhhh! 

I also did some nail art with this base, which I’ll be posting as a separate post just because this is getting too long. Let me know what you think of this colour. Do you own any Tonic Polish polishes? Also, comment & let me know if you think I should do more swatches & posts like this. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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