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Springing Into Fall

Hello, folks! I have a lot of pent-up nail art energy right now and have been planning a bunch of Halloween manis that I will begin to do tonight (provided Baby ACD is on board with that plan!). So, I thought I’d share a couple of manis that I did in spring and get those out of the way before I forget all about them!

I was going through a major purple phase when I did this first one. This was one of many manis with that colour scheme, but is the only one that remains on my phone… The base is KB Shimmer Yeti or Not, and I stamped with Sally Hansen Re-teal Therapy, Moyra stamping polish #04 (dark purple) and Moyra stamping plate Aboriginal (#38).

This next one, a butterfly blobbicure, was also done during the purple phase. I used ILNP Mon Amour and Clever Girl, KB Shimmer Yeti or Not, and Powder Perfect Profound Promise. I love this look, but need more practice. The flowers in the background had just bloomed in our backyard, and I feel nostalgic seeing these pictures, as those trees are now beginning to lose all their leaves.

This next mani was done for a Facebook swatching collaboration, where each person was supposed to swatch a colour or group of colours inspired by an object and then pose holding that object. I chose a onesie my daughter was wearing a lot at the time. I loved this one on her so much, I need to go back to the store and buy it again in her current size! For this mani, I used Color Club Soft-Baked as the base, and then free-handed the tips with OPI Good Grief and Picture Polish Summer (original – the new Summer looks markedly different).

This was a manicure I did for my sister when she was visiting. The base is a gradient of ILNP Cameo and Tonic Polish Incandescent, and I honestly have no recollection of which plate I used for this (probably Moyra Ornaments). I just love how perfectly these two colours go together – at one angle, you get a gradient of magenta from Cameo to soft pink from Incandescent, while at the other end, you have a beautiful spring green from Cameo blending into a warm yellow in Incandescent. I have been waiting to do this gradient since I first got Cameo, and I shall definitely be repeating it on my own nails at some point. Just see how the colours glow!

This last mani was also one I did on my sister. The base is A-England Rose Bower, and I used nail vinyls and ILNP Fired Up to sponge on roses over the base. My sister, not quite the pro hand model that I am (??!?!), had a ridiculously difficult time posing for the shots and we shared more than a few laughs trying out different ones! I have no memory of what she might have been holding in that last picture!

And that’s all the older manicures; now I’m all caught up. I started writing this post earlier in the evening, and have since managed to complete my first Halloween mani of the year, and look forward to sharing that shortly. With that, I bid you a good night from this part of the world!

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