Normal Is An Illusion

Hello, folks! It’s really beginning to feel like winter is not too far off – we had flurries for a couple of minutes tonight! I’ve been bundling up Baby ACD and taking her out on walks to get her used to the cold. This evening, we took her out to experience her first snowfall – even though, technically, it wouldn’t be her first since she was born in winter – but it stopped within a minute of us getting out there. We came back indoors and had our first meal together as a family: Baby ACD fed herself a small helping of chicken broth while we ate dinner. While all of this may sound very unexciting to you, it was an evening of firsts for us – baby feeding herself, family dinner, first snow of the season. My heart is full as I put her to sleep now.

Which brings me to the point: another Halloween-themed manicure that also warms my heart. This was so much fun for me, both to do and to wear!

A bathroom shot was the closest I could get to showing how black this looked up front. This mani has a secret: it’s a thermal! I don’t buy many thermal polishes because I don’t like that they have a limited shelf-life. This is one of four that I do own – Bow Polish black thermo top coat. In the cold state, it is a deep, rich black with scattered holo flecks. In the above shot and up front, it is an opaque black, but under the brights light of my lightbox in the first picture below, you can see the stamping faintly in the cold state. In its warm state, this polish is an unassuming nude-taupe colour with the holo flecks, a beautiful and delicate base. In between, the polish transitions through several shades of a warm grey.

I started off this mani with three coats of this over base coat and then stamped over it using Moyra black stamping polish and Bundle Monster (recently rebranded as Maniology) plates BM-S241 and BM-S243. On the ring finger, I reverse-stamped the image of the cauldron. I just love how in the cold state, you can only see the cauldron, and the nails warm up to reveal different images. On a side note for first-time moms, thermal polish also serves to indicate whether it is too cold in the room for your baby, so you know when to turn up the heating! 😉

All these photos were taken in my basement, where it is very cold, so it proved to be a task and a half trying to photograph the transitions and the warm state. Here are some macros:

I’m thrilled and amazed that I’ve actually managed to do three Halloween manis this year, which is three more than I did last year, when I did not have a being entirely dependent on me for her survival! But then, this is pretty much the only recreation I’ve had lately, so I’m clinging on to the thought of nail art like a lifeline. Until the next post (which could be anything, as I haven’t done my nails since this one), toodles!

8 thoughts on “Normal Is An Illusion

  1. Aw, that sounds like a wonderful evening – crunchy leaves, crisp air, noshing baby. 🙂 We’ve actually been going out on some evening walks lately; just want to enjoy this as much as we can before the SNOW.
    Love the mani, love the thermal polish. I miss my old thermals, now long gone because I didn’t know they had a v. limited shelf life. I must have bought a dozen when I first got into nail polish and then couldn’t figure out why they had gone all skunky three months later.

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    1. 3 months? Wow, that’s awful. I thought they lasted at least a year… I bought 3 Bow Polish ones earlier this year, not knowing abt this and that too from old collections, so now I’m feeling nervous. Hope they last a few months at least. Evening walks sound lovely, this is such a beautiful time of year! We went to Gatineau Park last weekend to see the fall colours and it was so crowded they were turning cars away! Luckily, we managed to get in after a short while.


    1. Haha, Hannah, I’m thrilled that you like it, but I wish I could say in all honesty that I had to do much to get this look – the stamping plates do all the work! You should try it sometime in between baking all those goodies!

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