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Spaced Out

Hello! I’m in dire need of some quality sleep and am harbouring feelings of dislike and resentment towards my dissertation at the moment. At this point, I no longer care about quality and just want this behind me. Mr ACD had the day off on Friday, in addition to the Victoria Day holiday tomorrow (Monday), but we didn’t go anywhere or do anything as a family because I was working. Baby ACD and the mister did go on adventures of their own, so it wasn’t all wasted. I’ve been staying up late so I can enjoy at least one day off, and I’m taking the day off tomorrow for some much-needed family time.

Speaking of being spaced out, the prompt for the Creative Shop giveaway this week was space. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to make this one, but luckily, I have a huge backlog of manicures to be posted and dug this one up.

The base is two coats of Masura Mountain Elf’s Lake, with the second coat magnetized. I have been experimenting with positioning the magnet, and didn’t get a very conspicuous effect with this one. I used two ring magnets from Tonic, joined together to form an 8, and I held the area where the two rings met over my nail for a curved X-shape. I’m certain there is a name for that shape… I forgot to magnetize again after top-coating, and I think that was an unfortunate mistake and would have helped the magnetic effect stand out.

I stamped using Creative Shop plates 46 and 95, and Born Pretty stamping polishes numbers 4, 11, AC07 and Q01 (white, rose, magenta and light purple respectively). I dabbed on each of these polishes in a random manner on to the stamping image, swiped and then stamped to get the marbled effect. On the ring finger, I used just the white stamping polish and the cute alien image from plate-95. I had contemplated colouring in the image, but then decided to keep it simple.

So there you have it. If you’re in Canada, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. Until the next post, tata!

3 thoughts on “Spaced Out

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing educational bitterness, sorrier still that it’s affecting your sleep. Despite work, did you have a nice long weekend? Weather was pretty terrific, and hey, over here we finally got the taps and faucets installed in our bathroom, so ALL the fixtures work at once now! Will wonders never cease.

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