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Tonic Polish All The Things

Hello, folks! I have a swatch post today, featuring a very special polish – Tonic Polish All The Things. This custom polish was made in very limited quantities to celebrate the six-year anniversary of the Nearly No Rules (NNR) Nail Polish Sales group on Facebook. Most bottles were made as a thank-you gift for the admins of the group, but they very generously hosted a giveaway and I was one of the five lucky winners!

I was feeling very blue a couple of days ago and decided this would be the perfect pick-me-up!

The base is a jelly polish in a colour that is unique to my Tonic collection. To me it looks like a pink-leaning deep salmon colour, and is loaded with gold-green-red shifting flakies and round microglitter, as well as the original red-gold-green Unicorn Pee pigment. Here, I am wearing three thin coats. The jelly formula really lets the flakies and UP pigment sparkle through!

You can really see the red and green ends of the UP spectrum in the first macro above. Of course, I had to try this matte as well.

I love both variations, shiny and matte. The former accentuates the squishy, jelly feel of the base and gives the polish a lot of dimension, while the latter showcases the flakies and shimmer and mutes the colour further. As I mentioned, this colour is very unique not just to my collection of Tonics, but to the brand as a whole. Even though I’m not big on pinks, this is such an interesting colour, I am counting my lucky stars for winning this!

I couldn’t get myself to cover this lovely base up with any nail art, seeing as how this is such a special polish. Let me know what you think of this polish in the comments.

It’s been unbelievably hot here in Ottawa and I’ve been slacking off as far as nail art goes. I skipped Fluid Friday last week, and might do the same this week. My dissertation is due in two weeks and MS Word is acting up and messing up my formatting, so I’m learning a whole new editing tool called LaTeX. It’s way cooler, but there’s a lot to learn within a short period, so nails aren’t exactly a huge priority at the moment. I’ll try and post all the pending nail art I have photos of in the meantime. So send me some good vibes, and until the next post, keep cool and stay hydrated!


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