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DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

If you like a little bit of a spa experience at home, this one is for you. These sugar scrub bars are super easy to make, require no precision whatsoever and use ingredients you probably have lying around at home. They make for a decadent pamper session for yourself, as well as a thoughtful gift… Continue reading DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

Body Care

DIY Fluffy Whipped Body Butter

I love my lotion bars. Not only do they look adorable, I love the convenience of throwing one in a tin to carry around in my purse and there’s a lavish feeling in running a lotion bar over my arms and legs after a shower. However, there are days when I have neither the time… Continue reading DIY Fluffy Whipped Body Butter

Body Care

DIY Lotion Bars

You were beginning to think I only ever do my nails, weren’t you? I do other things too! 😀 It’s been a busy month — I was fasting for Ramadan, which made my brain a little fuzzy; I was trying desperately to get some dissertation work done while fuzzy-brained, but finally gave up towards the… Continue reading DIY Lotion Bars