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Lilac Duochrome Frankenpolish

Hello, folks! Today I’ll share a nail polish that I frankened a couple of months ago and never got around to posting. For those of you who have never heard of “frankening”, it’s when you mix in other polish colours or tints to a base polish colour (or even to a clear base) to make your own colour. The base for this polish is Pure Ice First Love. Now, if there’s one nail polish finish that I almost never like, it’s a pearl finish. I picked this up when I discovered how great Pure Ice polishes are for stamping, hoping that this could be used for that purpose. However, once I tried it out, it was way too sheer to stamp with and I hated how it looked on my nails, but I waited too long, then went on vacation, so I wasn’t able to return it.

The original colour is a very pale pink with strong green shimmer, giving almost a duochrome effect. I really like the green shimmer, so I decided to try and make it more purple in an effort to salvage it. I added in a good amount of blue and red polish, and a tiny bit of yellow for a warmer colour. Here are some bottle shots of the polish I ended up with:


I love how pretty it looks in the bottle. The lilac colour is a lot stronger in the bottle than it is on the nails, but it is very, very shifty in both cases! However, it is just so frustratingly sheer. The swatches below show five coats, plus topcoat, and you can still see some VNL (visible nail line)!!!


What do you think of this polish? Though not for me, I do think it is a very pretty colour. But, my willingness to apply more than three coats of polish extends only to jellies which are my favourite polish finish, and definitely not to pearls, my least favourite; almost nothing justifies six coats of polish, with the sole exception of a pond manicure! Also, on the day that I made this, I kind of liked the colour, but I don’t think I like it as much anymore on myself… I’m sad that I couldn’t make this work, but I have a friend who love purples & pinks, and I have a hunch she’ll be happy to take this off my hands! Here’s to friends who like the same things as us, if not the same colours 🙂

26 thoughts on “Lilac Duochrome Frankenpolish

  1. I’m so hard on my nails (gardening and cooking) that if I use a color, I like to use a sheer because it doesn’t show the worn off bits…I know I should take better care, lol! But six coats – that’s crazy! I like the color tho!

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    1. Oh really? That totally makes sense. Although, if you’re hard on your hands, nail polish (despite the annoying chipping) is great because it protects the nails themselves ☺. Gel polish (even the Sally Hansen ones that don’t require a UV lamp) might be something you can look into.

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  2. It’s very pretty! I’m not a sheer shimmer person myself either. Only way I’d possibly be able to use this is over a black base or something. Love how it looks in the bottle though! 💜💜

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