My Husband Explains Makeup

I recently came upon Amy’s blog post, where she quizzes her husband on the purpose of various makeup items, based on a fun tag that Kirsty at Life In Excess first came up with in April 2016. I thought it was a hilarious idea, and decided to test my own husband’s knowledge of makeup. I tried to jot down exactly what he said, between fits of laughter — it’s not that he was awful, but it was just so endearing/hilarious to see the hunted deer look in his eyes!

Primer:  {Looks confused for about a minute, puffs out cheek} You use it before putting on nail polish so that the colour sticks.

Foundation: You apply it before makeup so that the makeup sticks.

Powder: You apply it to remove moisture.

Concealer: You use it to cover up blemishes & such.

Bronzer: To make not highlights, but lowlights. You darken a zone or make a gradient.

Blusher: Apply to cheeks for a pinkish hue. {Yeah, he said “pinkish hue”!}

Highlighter: It’s eye makeup. To highlight your eyelids or around the eyes somewhere.

Mascara: To darken eyelashes.

Eyeshadow: Oh, that’s the stuff you apply on eyelids, not highlighter!

Eyeliner: You use it just above the eyelashes to accentuate the shape of the eye.

Brow pencil: To draw eyebrows.

Lipstick: It’s for colouring the lips.

Setting spray: It keeps hair in place.

BB cream: I’ve seen references to this before. It’s a face cream/moisturizer.

❤ 😀


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