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NOTW: Hipster Skittlette

Hello, folks! After a (unintentionally) long hiatus, I’m back! After I got back from my vacation in the first week of January, I’ve been busy catching up and haven’t had time to post even though I have been engaging in postable activites. 😀

The manicure I’m featuring today was the first one I did after I got back home. I desperately needed to let loose the whacky, fun side and this skittlette mani is what I ended up doing. Unfortunately, I seemed to have forgotten how to stamp, and ended up stamping the images upside down. No matter; I thought it still turned out quite fun!


On my pinkie finger & thumb are two coats of OPI Gelato On My Mind, on my index finger is the gorgeous Zoya Godiva, and the other two fingers have a base of three coats of OPI Funny Bunny. Over the white base, I stamped using Bundle Monster plate S-240 and Born Pretty stamping polish in black. I top-coated all fingers but the index, which has a fun, textured finish. [On a side note, I’m getting quite obsessed with the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, especially the ones with the classic fine glitter finish.]


Let me know what you think of this manicure in the comments! Having abstained from nail art for a whole month, I have been doing my nails quite regularly since I got back and will start posting them from now on. Check out my other nail art adventures in the nail art gallery or under the nail art tab, or follow me on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) which I use exclusively for nail art.

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