My First Blogiversary!

Hiya, folks! Today marks a year since I started this blog 😀 (incidentally, this post is also my 100th, another milestone!).

So, of course, Mr. ACD and I shared a cupcake to celebrate last night (and then bought a second one for good measure, because we also need to celebrate tonight, the day of!)

Birthday Cupcake 1

It’s been a wonderful year full of learning. Thank you for all the love & support! I’ve learnt a lot through the course of this year — regarding blogging, photography & editing, nail art, crafts, and so much more — and I know I’m only just starting out. I have grown from that person who would want to post about something only to realize she had forgotten to take any pictures, to someone who now documents everything “just in case I need another idea for a post“. While I have only been posting nail art for the past couple of months due to a lack of free time, I continue to think of this as a more versatile blog and will resume my weekly recipe/craft posts soon, I promise. This is my biggest outlet for all the days of dissertation-writing, so your support means the world. Here’s hoping we see many more of these blog-birthdays! Love you & thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Birthday Cupcake 2

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