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Textured Chevron

Hello, folks! Don’t you just love how original the title of this post is??? Yes, it is reflective of just how brain-dead I am right now! It’s been a tough couple of days, but today takes the cake – which is ironic, since it’s my birthday today (chuckle… am I losing it?). Baby ACD has whined, cried, kicked and screamed through an entire 16-hour period, and I daresay the night is not over yet. To be fair, she did nap for a whole two hours of said period, so I have to remember to count my blessings…

So while she naps in my arms and before I’m ready to put her in the crib and thereby make it very likely she will wake up again, let me post a quick mani-cure to cure my troubles (I’m all chuckles tonight, eh?).

Remember how I was saying how much I love texture polish in winter? No? You don’t read my posts and remember each word? Oh, well, moving right along…

The base is Tonic Polish Chasing Concrete, a light grey jelly with irridescent orange-gold-green-shifting flakies. The polish dries matte and I’m not one to glossify (???) a matte base. It has a subtle glow on the nail, and I love a subtle polish!

On my index and middle fingers, I applied a chevron-striped nail vinyl and sponged on a gradient of Zoya pixie dusts in sage green, yellow-orange and gold (Vespa, Beatrix and Godiva respectively). On the ring finger, I used a small dotting tool and the same pixie dust polishes to make a line of dots. Check out how cool the texture looks in this slightly dark shot:

I have to say I love how these turned out! I had a difficult time capturing the subtle beauty and shift of the base polish, but I think the macros do a better job than the rest.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this mani! Until the next time, stay warm and wish me luck!

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