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Hello! I’m back with another installment of Fluid Friday, and as you can probably tell from the title of this post, the theme for #fluidfridayfriends this week was a rainbow colour palette for Pride weekend.

Although the kind ladies from the #fluidfridayfriends group were very sweet and encouraging, I don’t consider this one a success. I really didn’t like how these came out and wish I’d had time to redo them.

I was debating whether to put all six colours on each nail, and decided to go the simpler route of splitting the colours up, three on each nail. So, even though it’s not obvious on the ring and middle fingers, I have violet-blue-green on the pinky, blue-green-yellow on the ring finger, and so on, ending with orange-red-violet on the thumb. I think the green I picked has too much yellow in it, and even though the cells in the decal on the ring finger worked out the best, it looks like I only have two colours in there. Anywho… Here are some close-ups of the decals:

As always, I applied a line of each colour on my nail art mat, followed by a few drops of my DIY clear transforming polish for cells. Then I used a piece of plastic packaging to gently swipe through the polishes to blend them. I’m still working on this technique, but I’m definitely getting better at it. I can actually manage to blend the colours now without leaving large naked patches in the decal!

The polishes I used in this mani were Pure Ice Playful Purple (violet), Sinful Colors Innocent (green – bad choice!), Sally Hansen Style Is Eternal (blue), Mellow Yellow (yellow), Sunkissed (orange) and Rapid Red (red).

Finally, because I can’t do brights or leave well enough alone, I stamped over these nails using black stamping polish and Creative Shop plate-31. Then, I applied a matte top coat, and there was literally nothing left for me to do to this mani!

I noticed the single shot I took of the final stamped mani came out a bit foggy. My daughter often nibbles on my phone and I must have needed to give the camera a cleaning! I quite like the effect the stamping lends and this image is quickly becoming one of my frequently-used ones (although I’m yet to post the other manis that use it).

Phew, this was a long post! If you’re still here, thank you for taking the time to read to the bottom. It has been so hot this week, I feel like I need to cool down with some pale colours! I have a busy week coming up. My cousin from Australia is visiting for a couple of days starting tonight, and then next weekend is another cousin’s wedding. Many members of my extended family are travelling here from around the world and I’m quite excited to see them all! What are your weekend plans? Is it this hot where you live? Do you like this mani? Tell me all in the comments! Until the next post, keep cool and drink water!

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