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ABC Challenge: S is for Stained Glass

I really struggled with the letter S, not because I couldn’t come up with ideas, but because there were too many competing ones! What I eventually settled on is stained glass nails.


For this, I used the advanced/reverse-stamping technique and my BC-06 stamping plate. I was wearing a light pink jelly nail polish underneath, but this can be done on bare nails (over base coat). I stamped the image, then filled in the spaces using some jewel-toned, shimmery nail polish I picked up at the dollar store as an experiment. This was my first time using these polishes, and I think they worked perfectly to achieve the bright stained glass look! I prefer to reverse-stamp directly onto my nails rather than making decals (see this video for a great tutorial). As you probably noticed, the image on my ring finger is somewhat warped, but I love this look regardless! Let me know what you think!

Here are a few more pictures:

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