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NOTW: Multiple Multichromes!

So… about the prompt being “rainbow” for this week’s 31DC: I messed up! I did my rainbow nails yesterday to post today, but it turns out that it’s “metallic” this week. I’ll do my metallic nails over the weekend; for now I have a NOTW for you. Mr ACD was away last weekend and I played around with my ILNP polishes, and this is one of the looks:

Multi-Multichrome 2Multi-Multichrome 3

I’ve been in love with multichromes in general ever since I got two of the Color Club Oil Slicks, and then ILNP happened. This base colour is ILNP Hush, a breathtaking multichrome that shifts from teal to blue to purple, and everything in between. I’ve been obsessed with photographing bottles of multichromes in an attempt to capture the elusive shifts. I’ll put together a post of my bottle shots of Hush, along with some swatches. I know Hush has been out for a while, but it’s the new love of my life, so I must share!

Over the base of Hush, I stamped using the DRK Nails Mystic Ocean plate and another multichrome — Burnt Out by Color Club — which shifts from orange to gold to green. I stamped the birds on the accent finger using Maybelline Bold Gold and plate DRK-C. I think these two polishes play really well together. When Hush is almost entirely purple, Burnt Out is greenish-gold; when Hush all teal, Burnt Out is orange; and the in-between royal blue of Hush is perfectly complemented by the rust-gold of Burnt Out.

Check out the colour shifts in this video on my Instagram (I can’t upload videos here on WordPress). Here are some more shots that try to capture the shifts:

I think my photo set-up is finally working out. These are some of my favourite vogue shots to date, because I love how all the colours play together. For those of you who don’t read my blog regularly, “vogue shots” are what I call my glam shots. I just randomly started calling them that when I first started taking them for fun (I wasn’t even blogging then!) and the name stuck in my brain.

How do you like this manicure? Do you love multichromes? Let me know in the comments! Check out my other nail art adventures in the nail art gallery or under the nail art tab, or follow me on Instagram (@altercontroldelight) which I use exclusively for nail art.

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