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Galaxy or Deep Blue Sea?

Hello! Today’s mani is a big favourite and because I have so much to share about the manicure itself, I will not partake in my usual ramblings. Brace yourselves, this post is very picture-heavy!

I don’t know about you, but this is easily one of my favourite manis ever! It is some kind of a smoosh mani using two magnetic polishes, and, once magnetized, has so much depth! It is reminiscent both of the depths of the ocean and the galaxy, at least to me. Here’s a little video to show just how much dimension and depth there is to it (not that I knew what to do with my fingers!).

To start off with, I applied a coat of KB Shimmer No Comet on my pinkie and ring fingers and Tonic Polish Zeppo on the other three fingers. Next, I applied a second coat of No Comet on the pinkie and the ring fingers, followed immediately by yet another coat in a diagonal direction, and then applied a couple of strokes of Zeppo in the same diagonal direction. Immediately after doing each nail, I held my neodymium bar magnet over the nail for 30 seconds to magnetize. For the remaining three fingers, I did the same, but started with Zeppo and then applied strokes of No Comet, then magnetized. Here is a tutorial that shows this process.

In an attempt to be politically correct, I took the same photo, holding each polish I used! 😆

Unfortunately, the little blue flakies in Zeppo don’t quite show up in the picture or the video, but they are very obvious in real life. I love this kind of abstract design, and the fact that these are magnetic polishes only elevates this mani. Can you tell I’m in love?

So, if you’ve been following my blog, you will have noticed that I try to participate in the Creative Shop weekly giveaway (I was one of the lucky winners of the random draw last week for this mani, yay!). The prompt this week was “inspired by a movie”. This magnetic base reminded me of a galaxy but also deep waters, as I mentioned earlier.

I immediately knew I was going to add some jellyfish and, although it’s not obvious, some squid tentacles on the ring finger, inspired by the movie based on Michael Crichton’s Sphere. Although I’m not a big fan of the movie, I read the book when I was fourteen or so and it left a strong impression on me. The story is set in a deep sea habitat at the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean and said Sphere is an alien entity, hence the galaxy reference. I must have read the book five times at the very least, and my favourite bit of the read has always been the initial appearance of the hundreds of jellyfish – it seems so magical – until the giant squid attacks, of course!

I used Creative Shop plate-28 and a mix of Born Pretty stamping polish in white and silver to stamp. I shrank the image of the jellyfish to fit my nail, but didn’t shrink the squid tentacles, which is why they are not quite obvious on the ring finger. Incidentally, this was the very first Creative Shop plate I ever bought, and the image of the jellyfish is what drew me to it!

Phew, that was a long post! I’m really going through a phase of loving magnetic polish right now, so expect to see more in the near future. Let me know in the comments what you think of this mani. Also, have you read/seen Sphere? Did you like it? Do you own/like magnet polish?

I’ll leave you with a last look, and until the next post, keep healthy!

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