Break Free

Hello, and welcome back to my Halloween nail art series. Today, I have a manicure that isn’t obviously Halloweeny but showcases my biggest fear – entrapment. Which means the next episode features Mr ACD’s. I would do Baby ACD’s too, but 1. I don’t feel I know her preferences quite as well yet 😉, and, 2. It’s probably got something to do with my not being around and how do I portray that except as naked nails?!?

I bought this plate solely based on this one image. I think it’s one of the coolest images I’ve ever seen!

On my thumb, index and pinky fingers, is a single very thick coat of Tonic Polish Superstar, a beautiful berry to blue shifting multichrome with a jelly base and irridescent orange to green flakies dispersed throughout. This polish is not a one-coater; I had exactly 30 minutes to myself and needed to be done with the entire mani, so I floated a thick coat of polish around until it was even. Tonic polishes are outstanding in terms of self-levelling, which is probably the sole reason I got away with it! I double-stamped my bare middle finger with an image from Creative Shop plate-38 and Moyra black stamping polish, followed by Color Club We’ll Never Be Royals, which matches the multichrome shifts of Superstar perfectly. On the ring finger, I did the same, then removed the stamping from half the nail diagonally, and then applied a thick coat of Superstar to most of the other half. To finish off, I added two rhinestones to the eyes of the crows (I think those are crows) to define them a bit better.

As is the case with most flakie-based polishes – if not all polishes in general – I prefer the matte look by far. Also, I like how I lost one of the stones before mattifying. Here’s how this looked matte, which is how I wore it all of one day before I took it off:

The matte top coat makes the flakies pop and the multichrome base look like satin. I just love how perfectly the two polishes work together. Here are some macros in both the glossy and matte states:

So there you have it, my biggest fear dressed up to look most benign. Can you guess what the Mister’s Boogieman looks like? Leave your guess in the comments, and until next time, take care!

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