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NOTW: Feathers in Ink

With the eleven Canada Day manicures and the month-long swatching of untried polishes on Instagram, I’ve been wearing too many colours that aren’t quite me. Today, I have a simple stamped manicure in my colours:

Feathers in Ink 2Feathers in Ink 3

The base is a polish I’ve waited months to get hold of: Tonic Polish Greenglow. I accidentally stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago, and this polish is everything I thought it would be and more. I uploaded swatches on Instagram, but will soon do a longer blog post with lots of photos & bottleshots, and talk about it some more. I stamped over it using A-England Queen of Scots and Creative Shop stamping plate #31. I am absolutely loving my A-England polishes because they are subtle and very opaque, and so perfect for stamping! I messed up the stamping a bit on my middle finger because I wasn’t being able to clean the plate properly, but be a pal & ignore that, shall you? 🙂

Greenglow shifts from a glowing, bright celadon green to ballet pink to peach, although I found it very difficult to capture any of the peach in my photos. Also, it breaks into all kinds of holographic goodness in the sun! And the stamping polish, I can’t get over how much like ink that blue polish looks! My husband, the ever-ambitious Mr ACD, actually thought I had hand-drawn the feathers and looked so disappointed when I said I hadn’t! He hasn’t figure out yet that I can’t draw to save my life? Maybe, just sometimes, taking undue credit is necessary to the health of a marriage… 😉

Here are some shots in natural light that show the shift & holo (click to see larger images):


I love my Tonic Polishes, but most are very complex and so, so difficult to photograph! We recently bought a good camera, but I have yet to figure out all the intricacies of that one so these were taken on my cell-phone and my hands seem to shake more and more each day. Let me know what you think of this mani & I hope to share some better pictures starting real soon!

14 thoughts on “NOTW: Feathers in Ink

      1. Me and cotton balls. They stuck to my finger doing stamping. I used to think the cotton ball claw was useless but now I might but one

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        1. Yeah, I always ruin my polish if I hold one in my hands while stamping. I don’t own a cotton claw, but use a wooden clothespin that works just great! I’ve been using the same one for almost a year & a half, and it’s still going strong, although a bit stained. They are so cheap, you can always throw it out & replace with a fresh one eventually 🙂


        2. Yay! Glad you found it useful! None planned & I’m not sure I have many hacks, but I can definitely start putting one together & see where it goes. Thanks for the idea 🙂


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