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Magnetic Loops

Hello! I’m in bed, perched on my side as baby nurses, and unable to fall asleep in this oh-so-comfortable position, so I thought I’d quickly post this mani that I did last week (or was it the week before?). This was my first time experimenting with using magnetic polish to stamp, and I’m very happy with the results.

The base is a single coat of the rich royal blue, AEngland Queen of Scots. Over that, I stamped using Masura Emerald Sari and Creative Shop plate-34. This is what it looked like after stamping:

I waited a couple of minutes after stamping to let the polish dry completely, then applied my usual quick dry top coat (Glisten & Glow) to one nail at a time, followed immediately by a magnet held over the nail for about 10 seconds to magnetize the polish.

This was probably one of the quickest manis I have ever done! I’m excited to play more with magnetic stamping. Baby has finally let go and I can turn, so I bid you farewell! I will leave you with this short video of the magnetic goodness.

Tell me what you think!

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