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Coral Reef

Hello, folks, I made it! I managed to do some nail art for #fluidfridayfriends in the nick of time! That too, on my nubbins so short, you actually get a good eyeful of my fleshy fingertips. Nail blogging at its very best for you!!! 😆

The colour scheme this week was very pretty.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite feel it translated onto my mani, probably because my nails are so short now that I couldn’t fit enough of the decals on each. The decals had quite a few areas I really loved:

I made two large decals on my round Born Pretty silicone mats. I used the following polishes: Sally Hansen Style Is Eternal, Rapid Red and Giant Peach, Cirque Colors Plush Suede, and Color Club Wham! Pow!. To get the cells, I used my DIY white and clear transforming polishes.

Since I loved how the cells came out last time, I stuck with the same method. I applied a base of the blue, then applied drops of the red and coral colours, followed by a few drops of the transforming white polish. Then, I continued applying drops of the other two colours, the orange and mauve, followed by drops of the transforming clear polish. I folded the mat over itself twice, rotating the mat a quarter turn in between. Finally, I moved the decal around a little to thin it out and also to stretch some of the cells out a little to make it look even more organic. I am finding this method yields results I quite like and is also easy to do.

The final mani looked like this:

Because my nails are so short right now, I had a lot of choice regarding placement. I can’t decide if I like the ring or the middle finger more. Here are some close-ups:

I really like how the shimmer in Plush Suede shines through in some areas. I’ve been gravitating towards using one or two shimmer polishes in fluid art; I like the whimsy it adds in.

I didn’t end up doing anything more with this mani. What do you think of this look? Have you tried fluid nail art? Let me know your thoughts, and until the next post, toodles!

10 thoughts on “Coral Reef

        1. Oooh, thanks so much! I’m very excited to see. I’ve only recently started this, but it’s fast become one of my favourite techniques! The results are always surprising and so organic. Best of luck!

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  1. I LOVE THESE. The colours are so gorgeous, and the spots came out perfectly, looks awesome. I also love that your polish choices are all over the place – whatever works, right? More like whatever’s not a goopy mess, although I’m assuming dry decaling (I just made that term up) is a lot friendlier to older polishes than water marbling. You basically need fresh, clean, freely flowing polish to have even a chance of the thing turning out. 😦

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  2. You have been inspiring me with these posts — the results are so unique and pretty! I now have a bunch of DIY spotty polishes. However the stamper / scraper / folded mat techniques just result in a smush of yuck. Would you be able to take some technique photos for those of us who are not getting it?

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    1. Ooh, so excited to hear that!! Do you fold the mat over very lightly? If all the polishes get muddied up, maybe try folding over only once? I usually apply a rectangular patch of one colour then four dots of the same colour over that. Any subsequent polishes I use, I apply drops over those four. I’ll be happy to do a post showing the process but I probably won’t be able to until my submission at the end of this month. If you have any luck in the meantime, let me know or tag me – I’d love to see!


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