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Tonic Polish Lizard Dance

Ever since Baby ACD was born, my husband and I have been pretty much obsessing over baby poop. The bulk of our daily conversation deals with the colour, consistency and frequency of poop. As all the mothers out there will attest to, there is a particular range of colours on baby poop colour spectrum, often specific to a particular baby, that will put your mind to ease and fill your heart with joy from the assurance that all is well inside that little tummy.

So, believe me, it is with the utmost love and appreciation that I say Tonic Polish Lizard Dance reminds me of good baby poop. This colour is definitely not for everyone and I can see how it might be placed in the “ugly colour” category. This polish has a mustard yellow to olive green base, with strong red-orange shimmer. The shimmer can actually take over and make the entire base look orange at times.

I confess, I hated this polish when I first saw it online. I remember wondering why Lindsey would even bother making a colour like this! As more people started posting their swatches and manicures using this and I saw some astounding videos of this beauty in action, it slowly grew on me until I decided I liked it enough to buy it. The moment I saw it up front, all my doubts disappeared, because… good baby poop (=healthy baby = all the good things)!!! I’ve purchased many beautiful polishes through the years, but this has been one of the purchases I’ve had the most fun with. It truly made me smile with its uniqueness and I love it!

This polish, like many other shimmers (in my opinion), looks fantastic mattified. It looks like velvet (hmm, velvet poop – now wouldn’t that be a thing!). Here are some shots under my incandescent kitchen lights:

Notice the tip wear in the last two photos? That was after 6 days of constant handwashing, dishwashing and diaper changes! As with all other Tonics I’ve had experience with, the lasting power of this is unrivaled.

So there you have it. If you’ve noticed, I’ve only been posting plain manicures, sans art, all of them Tonic Polish colours. Ever since Baby ACD came into this world, nail time has been rare and precious because I often cannot afford to wait for my nails to dry. I still get a chance to do my nails about once a week or so, but cannot squeeze in any art. As she is growing up, she has been settling into more of a routine, so maybe in a couple of months…

As for why they’re all Tonics: well, I’ve made no secret of how much I love this brand and not only do I find myself reaching for them over & over again, I’ve also mostly limited my recent purchases to this one brand.

Until the next post, stay blessed & enjoy the last few remaining days of warm weather if you’re north of the Equator!

10 thoughts on “Tonic Polish Lizard Dance

    1. Haha, bet you don’t miss the poop-cleaning! Thanks for your lovely words 😘

      I love Essie’s matte TC and prefer it over Revlon’s. The only indie one I’ve ever used is Glisten & Glow (which I’ve used in this mani too), but I recall someone saying G&G isn’t available in the UK?

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  1. Dude, I went to the hospital to visit a friend’s newest of the newborns many moons ago, and they were changing her when I got there, and what I saw will haunt me until my dying day. And you are correct, this is rather distressingly accurate.
    I had an OPI polish I used to refer to as bottled baby poo – it was a milk chocolate brown, but with a definite greenish-yellow tinge to it. It was the most unattractive thing ever, so of course I completely drained the bottle.

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    1. Haha, Sandra, you crack me up! My own daughter’s poop from the first two days will haunt me for the rest of my life even though hubby did most of the handling! I have no doubt I shall be draining this one, although yours sounds much worse. I need to look up that shade you’re referring to. In its defence, this truly is a beautiful, glowy polishq 😂


      1. ‘Twas OPI’s A-Taupe the Space Needle. I used to use it all the time for trees, tree branches, other tree…things. 😉 I also once did the ugliest manicure I possibly could (on purpose, for a challenge; I actually likened the end result to sewage) using this polish, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s, like, the first photo that shows up any time you Google my blog. What the hell, man?!

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