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Super-Easy Toddler Activity: Animal Rescue

Hello! Summer is here, and how!!! I’ve been getting frequent migraines and praying for the winter gods to smile down upon us. Curse me, go ahead.

We’re going on our first road trip to my cousin’s wedding this weekend. Having never travelled this distance with Baby ACD before, we’re not quite sure what to expect. I am making sure I have some entertainment for her for when she’s awake and tired of singing to herself.

This here is an idea I got from Busy Toddler. Baby had a blast playing with this already, and I’m hoping this will keep her occupied for at least an hour or so.

The concept behind this toy is ridiculously simple. Tape some plastic animals (or any toy) to a board and let baby go wild prying them loose!

For this, I cut up a piece of white foam board (something I always keep at home for impromptu crafting needs). I used an utility knife to cut the piece, so the edges were rough and little foam pieces kept breaking off. To prevent any pieces from being subjected to a taste test by my 15-month old, I applied duck tape all around the edges.

Next, I used some clear Scotch tape to tape the animals down in a random manner and that was it! Luckily, I’ve had a packet of plastic animals at home for years for a craft that I never got around to doing.

Of course, you can make this fancier by painting the background or applying a jungle-themed backing with contact paper. I might do that for Version 2.0, depending on how much use we get out of this.

We’ve done a test drive with this one, and Baby was quite engrossed in trying to set the captives free. I find it difficult to predict what catches her fancy, and I often find that everything is a hit on Day 1, but not all of them are hits over time. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow on the road!

I have another DIY toy idea coming up soon. Wish us luck on our trip, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some fluid art nails!

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