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Nail Art Gallery Archives – 2015-2016

Hi, folks! I just woke up this morning and thought I would share some pictures of my amateur nail art. Please excuse the state of my cuticles in many of the pictures – that is what led to the creation of my cuticle oil!

Let’s talk shades

While I do not own as vast a collection of nail polish as many nail bloggers out there, I do have a sizeable one. When I buy a colour that I don’t end up using as much (such as my Wet n Wild Megalast in Wet Cement, which I thought would look better on my complexion that it actually did), I create what is known in the nail blogging community as “frankenpolish”. The origin of the word is inspired by Frankenstein’s monster (often incorrectly referred to as “Frankenstein”), who was created from a collection of old body parts. The creation of frankenpolish – or frankening – is simply the process of mixing two or more nail polish colours to create a shade to your liking. For instance, I took the aforementioned nail polish in Wet Cement, a dull taupe colour that was very unflattering on me, and added in some white (Wet n Wild French White Crème) and some very dark navy blue (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (CSM) Dark Hue-mor) to create a shade of medium grey, a shade that continues to be very trendy this year and looks much better on me than the original taupe colour (in my opinion, of course!).

Other than customising shades that I don’t use too often, frankening also comes in handy when I want a nice jelly or crelly finish nail polish. A jelly polish is a sheer and often a lightly-tinted colour. You can apply several layers of jelly polish to create an opaque look, but there will be a distinct squishy feel to it. A crelly is midway between a jelly and an opaque/crème finish. The characteristic look of a crelly nail polish is a semi-sheer, milky, squishy look. If want to find out more about nail polish finishes and related lingo, read this very informative article. I absolutely love jellies and crellies, but as other fellow jelly-enthusiasts will attest to, they are incredibly difficult to find in stores, especially as far as drugstore brands are concerned. Jellies and crellies are, however, unbelievably easy to make yourself. Just pick up your favourite top coat or clear polish, and add in your favourite crème nail polish, a few drops at a time, until you reach the desired shade. It’s that simple! One of the jelly sandwich manicures in my gallery below features an inky blue frankenpolish – created from Sally Hansen CSM in Dark Hue-mor and a few drops of Wet n Wild Black Crème added into a bottle of clear nail polish. If you want more of the milky, crelly finish, just add in a couple of drops of white crème polish. When frankening, please bear in mind that it is very important to add in very little of one colour at a time – you can always add more, but you cannot take it away! Depending on how pigmented the polish you are using is, a few drops may be enough.

So, here it is, my nail art gallery (and, in case you’re wondering: no, I’m not a big fan of the pinks and the reds…). I have captioned each photograph with the exact nail polish brand name and colour, and pointed out the frankenpolishes. If you would like a tutorial for or further details on any of the looks that you see here, please let me know in a comment, and I will post one for you.

I will be updating the gallery as I create more new looks. However, subscribers/followers are not notified each time a post is updated. To make the process slightly simpler, this is what I’ll do: 1) post an individual photo of the latest look – subscribers should receive an update since that counts as a new post; 2) update this gallery with the photo; 3) when I have a new look to add, I’ll delete the photo of the old one (the individual post) & post a new image, at which time you should receive another notification. This gallery will always contain all the looks, so if you check this post periodically, you should be able to see them all at any given point.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the looks! 


{Click to see individual pictures/slideshow}

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